The AirBolt App - AirBolt

The AirBolt App

We love good design – and we work hard to make sure that everything we do not only looks good, but performs and functions well. That’s why when we designed...

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Who Wants to Win? - AirBolt

Who Wants to Win?

Everyone loves prizes! We’ve teamed up with Backer Bundle to give our fans a chance to win an ultimate travel pack, including an AirBolt*.  There are 3 main prizes on...

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The Best Travel Passengers - AirBolt

The Best Travel Passengers

We all have heard the expression, “It takes all kinds” at some point in our lives.  It definitely takes all kinds to pack an airplane – People who are polite,...

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Pack Luggage Like A Pro - AirBolt

Pack Luggage Like A Pro

Along with the shrinking seat pitch, it seems that airlines are also shrinking our space to pack our essentials. Don’t despair, AirBolt will teach you how to pack luggage like...

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5 Must Have Travel Accessories - AirBolt

5 Must Have Travel Accessories

You don’t need an incredible amount of “stuff” to have a great travel experience. Some people can pack better than others, they can travel the globe with a single pair...

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Seven Luggage Hacks for Staying Safe on Your Travels - AirBolt

Seven Luggage Hacks for Staying Safe on Your Tr...

There is so much to remember while you are traveling – your toothbrush, when the buses run, where is your passport… So it’s easy to forget that you also must...

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