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We All Like to Procrastinate!

We All Like to Procrastinate!

Some of us, (author included) do some of our best work when we know that there is a deadline looming.  When it comes to holiday shopping though, sometimes late is not better than never!  Crowds, busy parking lots, and empty shelves can spell disaster for that last minute holiday gift list.

That's why we've extended our holiday shopping discount of 20% all the way to December 17th.  If you are outside of Australia, best to not procrastinate too long, and try to get your order in by the 10th.  If you are inside Australia, the 18th would be the best.  Remember, it's not just shoppers who are busy this month, it's also the postman and delivery drivers!  Ordering as early as you can in the month will mean a huge difference to how long it takes to bring your AirBolt home - and a huge difference in your stress levels knowing all your gifts are wrapped and ready to give!

So if you're ready, go ahead and order your AirBolts!  Give the gift of the most innovative and truly smart travel lock to all of your loved ones.  No keys, no combos, only a smart-phone!  Our app, and the AirBolt with it's crowd-sourced GPS, proximity alarms and ease of use will guarantee you are giving one of the best gifts this Christmas.  So, now's the time, and get 20% off!  Use code AIR20 at checkout!

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