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Welcome to the best tracking experience of your life with the AirBolt GPS Tracker. This advanced device raises the bar for navigational technology, providing pinpoint accuracy for your location data at all times. Ideal for personal belongings or business assets, the AirBolt GPS Tracker offers you the most precise, real-time tracking information and an array of useful features.

*Cellular subscription required, starts from 7.49 USD/month (per device). You can start whenever you'd like–choose subscription plan after purchase.

Dimensions Weight Material Waterproof Charging Warranty
48*42*16mm 24 grams (0.85oz) Strong ABS Plastic Up to 1m (for 30minutes) - IPX7 USB-C (lasts up to 12 months) 1 Year
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GPS Coverage

Our GPS coverage spans across 31+ countries. The GPS works in any country that we support.

You can see the full list here.

Quantity: One-Pack
12 Month Battery Life Per Charge

Up to 12 Months Battery Life. Rechargeable via USB-C (included).

Global Live Tracking

Track in multiple countries with live GPS and next-gen cellular connection (LTE-M) - see FAQ for coverage list.

Durable & Designed to Last

Designed to last and made from hardened ABS plastic and reinforced materials.

Water Detection Alert

It is waterproof to 1m (for 30minutes) with a built-in water alert when submerged.

Motion Alerts–Never Miss a Beat!

Set up alerts so if things move when they shouldn’t be, you’ll be notified straight away.

Geofencing & Push Notifications

Set up boundaries or separation alerts so you’re notified when something goes missing.

Small Size & Lightweight

A tough and tiny tracker with Size 42mm x 48mm x 16mm and weighing 21 grams (0.75oz).

Temperature Alerts

Yes, that's right, you can monitor and set up temperature alerts with AirBolt GPS's temperature sensor.

SOS Alerts

You can use the AirBolt to send SOS alerts too.

This is The Best GPS Tracking Experience Ever.

The AirBolt GPS tracker has been featured in top international media and continues to receive fantastic reviews by people wanting to experience unmatched tracking efficiency. We’ll let them tell you about it.

AirBolt GPS

How it Works

The AirBolt GPS is an advanced device that raises the bar for navigational technology, providing pinpoint accuracy for your location data at all times.

Attach the AirBolt GPS onto anything and you'll be equipped with industry leading live-tracking and alerts.
The AirBolt app constantly communicates with our products and will alert you and keep you updated.
Embrace a stress-free lifestyle with AirBolt and keep your essentials within reach, no matter where life takes you.

Over 60,000+ happy AirBolters experience why we're different.

From international press reviews to the thousands of happy users who experience unmatched tracking efficiency, see why AirBolt isn't like anyone else.

Subscription Plans For Amazing Tracking Features

Want the best GPS tracking available? Standard is a great option. Want all that plus generous coverage and free upgrades to future product generations? Premium is exactly what you want!

Choose subscription plan after purchase





$9.99 Billed Monthly




$100 Billed Annually

2 Years



$179 Billed Every 2 Years


Allows for on demand tracking and near-real time tracking 20s +

Activates your GPS

Unlimited GPS/AGPS location tracking

Bonus up to 150 Cellular Triangulation Location per month (Backup Service). Includes International Tracking/Roaming (see FAQ for country list)





$129.99 Billed Yearly

2 Years



$239.99 Billed Every 2 Years


GPS Subscription with Premium Warranty

Subscription and Extended Warranty Beyond Your Standard Warranty

Covers Accidental Damage

Covers Lost AirBolt GPS Device

Covers Accidental Warranty Damage

Covers Battery Faults/Issues Causing AirBolt Product Malfunctions

Free Upgrades to Next Generation AirBolt GPS

Allows for on demand tracking and near-real time tracking 20s +

Activates your GPS

Unlimited GPS/AGPS location tracking

Bonus up to 150 Cellular Triangulation Location per month (Backup Service). Includes International Tracking/Roaming (see FAQ for country list)

So Many Ways To Use It. Here's Why You Need AirBolt.

Ideal for personal belongings or business assets, the AirBolt GPS Tracker offers you the most precise, real-time tracking information and an array of useful features.


24 million bags are misplaced by airlines each year.

Navigate with ease and peace of mind. Our GPS tracking gadgets ensure a worry-free journey, providing real-time location updates and ensuring you're always on the right path.


10 million pets go missing each year in the USA.

Keep your furry friend safe and sound. Our GPS trackers for pets offer precise location monitoring, so you can quickly reunite with your pet, no matter where they wander.


Secure your ride with our bike-specific GPS trackers. Track your bicycle's location, receive theft alerts, and ensure your two-wheeler is always where it should be, providing peace of mind on every ride.

Professional Gear

AirBolt GPS's real-time tracking and geofencing ensure expensive equipment like cameras or musical instruments is safe and monitored. Compact and discreet, it's perfect for professionals on the go, offering security and peace of mind.

An app that isn't just an afterthought.

The AirBolt app was built from the ground up to be the perfect partner with all of our products. Get motion, SOS, temperature, and water detection alerts, and incredibly accurate location tracking, of course.

Integrates perfectly with what you already have.

Whether you own an iPhone, an Android, or neither and all you have is a web browser, you can be sure that you'll find your AirBolt using any or all the devices that you love.

What's the difference?

Network Technology

Global Coverage & Live-Tracking

Battery Life

Geofencing & Instant Notifications

Geofencing & Instant Notifications

Live Location Reporting

Water Detection

Temperature Alerts

SOS Alerts

LTE-M, GPS, Bluetooth

12 Months

Every 20 Seconds


6-12 Months (Battery)


Frequently Asked Questions

We have all the answers you're looking for. If you have a question in mind that isn't here, feel free to send us an email over at





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