Meet the AirBolt Range

AirBolt GPS
Smart GPS tracker

The world’s smartest, long-life GPS tracker.

AirBolt helps you protect the things that matter most ... Read more

AirBolt helps you protect the things that matter most with our next generation tracking that lasts up to 12 months on a single charge and works seamlessly with award winning range of products. Read less

AirBolt Lock
App-controlled lock

Go further with the truly smart travel lock.

The world’s most popular smart travel lock is now even... Read more

The world’s most popular smart travel lock is now even smarter with a louder alarm, customisable alerts and better hardware. Combine it with our GPS unit for extra features and to extend its notification range. Read less

AirBolt Card
Bluetooth tracker

The credit card sized tracker has you covered.

The perfect companion to help locate anything you atta... Read more

The perfect companion to help locate anything you attach or slip it into. Precision engineered to be best in class and with a market leading range of up to 240m 
(a whopping 780ft!) it gives you total peace of mind. Read less

AirBolt Wallet
Built in Bluetooth tracker

AirBolt Wallet with Built-in Bluetooth tracker

Tracking wallet with a built-in AirBolt Card tracker t... Read more

Tracking wallet with a built-in AirBolt Card tracker that you can never lose! The wallet is made out of premium material, and contains a removable Bluetooth tracker with rechargeable battery that lasts up to 9 months. Read less

AirBolt App
Cellular and Bluetooth

Track, manage and control all your AirBolt devices with one simple app.

AirBolt app helps you protect the things that matter m... Read more

AirBolt app helps you protect the things that matter most. You can track, manage, control and share access to all your AirBolt devices from one single app. Read less

AirBolt for carefree everydays

Never lose your wallet or keys

Keep your wallet and keys safe, and make getting out of the house that little bit easier.

Keep furry friends safe

With our collar attachments the AirBolt GPS is the perfect companion for your best friend.

Protect your ride

Keep your bike safer, get last location details, and an easy way to report as lost or stolen.

Secure and track your pets, bikes, bags, gear and assets. All from your phone - anywhere, anytime.

Upgrade your travel plans

Our versatile TSA approved lock upgrades every suitacase, backpack and more.

Ensure the show always goes on

AirBolt is loved by musicians, DJ’s, photographers and athletes for protecting the all important kit when at home or on the road.

Delivering and tracking worldwide

The AirBolt GPS works in over 50 countries world wide, and is ready for your next adventure. See full coverage map.

Get in touch with any questions, bug reports, or feedback.

AirBolt for Enterprise

Manage assets, fleets, access and all remotely.

Our new AirBolt Enterprise platform can support tens of thousands of trackers, locks, and access points all from the one customisable dashboard. Create webhooks, triggers and events and keep your assets under control.

Trusted by 60,000+ users

Brodie R
Perfect For My Camera Bag!

I’ve been using my Airbolt to secure my SLR camera bag and it’s been so perfect for piece of mind while traveling.

Jake M
Just what I needed! The perfect travel lock!

I travel a lot, with lots of camera gear and valuables to having a lock that I can track straight from my phone is handy! It also super easy to use, with just a click of a button from your phone to unlock, and if for some reason your phone technology

Cynthia C.
Great product

I love this product. Have several for myself & got several for gifts.

Joseph W.
Neat smart lock

This little lock is pretty neat. While the application may seem limited at first I can see this coming in handy during travel for extra security. I absolutely love seeing a history of instances of when the lock was opened and limiting physical keys reduces the overall risk. The locking band is somewhat thin so large cutters may get through it so it is not an end all security solution for outdoor items, but for small lock areas it is ideal.

Excellent Product

So lemme say first that I love Love LOVE this little device. I just got back from a trip and with the app installed I can track my Luggage. This device not only secures your stuff but tracks it. You can also lock/unlock this thing through the app you can install on your phone as well. I'll be ordering these things as gifts this year for family and friends who travel. Very well made product!!

Ada C.
Useful and Fun New Gadget

It is a pretty fun gadget to have to either lock your small brief case or your bike. It also has the TSA lock so that is nifty. And when it is within range there is an alert sound from your phone, and you can track it on google maps. If you do not have your phone, there is also a back up combination code to use and unlock it too. For the price I pay, it is not bad.

Lanie C.

I purchased the lock because of an upcoming trip. It arrived the night before I was leaving, and consequently, did not have the time to read and set up preferences, so I never used it. The size was manageable (palm-sized) and seemed durable with some heft to it. Price wise it was priced higher than other TSA approved lock options. I have given it five starts for "easy to use" because ultimately I gifted it to my son-in-law who likes gadgets and smart phone enabled gizmos and will be able to use it often military travels.

Amazon C.
Worth the money

Both my daughter and daughter-in-law travel a lot and said these would come in very handy for those times when you have to leave their bags in a hotel room. The lock alerts your phone if someone tries to tamper with it and also has a tracking device if the bag is removed from the room.

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