AirBolt Enterprise

Manage assets, fleets, and access all remotely

Our new AirBolt Enterprise platform can support tens of thousands of trackers, locks, and access points all from the one customisable dashboard. Create webhooks, triggers and events to keep your assets under control.

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AirBolt Portal and App Overview

Enterprise Dashboard
Remote Provisioning
Automated Messages
Connects Via API
High Scale Support
Easy Management
Customisable Features
Developers Program
Wide Applicability

AirBolt Devices Applications

Incredibly useful in numerous use cases, using AirBolt devices will secure and simplify your life.

With the AirBolt GPS tracker you can track on demand, at set intervals or use triggers to report location i.e. movement.

It is small enough and light enough to use in a variety of use cases. With up to 12 month battery life it allows for extended functionality periods.
AirBolt Ecosystem (Smart Lock & GPS) can provide certified delivery transactions, ensuring the correct people/companies receive the asset or valued item
Our AirBolt smart lock is the only TSA accepted portable smart lock on the market with an enterprsie grade and ability to turn off the TSA port if needed.
AirBolt is the smart way to secure your business assets. Whether you’re working, or on the move, simply lock and go. Share and manage access to your AirBolts via customisable Enterprise Dashboard. You can also use for live location tracking and history.
Giving keys and combinations is always a challenge, AirBolt let’s you manage this remotely and securely via our app.

Use AirBolt to scale your business with ease

AirBolt helps you protect and track any number of things important in your business. It uses the next generation tracking that lasts up to 12 months on a single charge and works seamlessly with award winning range of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to for any other questions or visit support

Why AirBolt over existing solutions?

Normal Bluetooth trackers don’t work when out of range. Other GPS devices are too large and suffer from major battery issues. There just are too many problems with traditional devices.

At AirBolt we have invested 2.5 years of our time to get the AirBolt GPS just right. We deployed the world’s leading lower power LTE-M/GPS chip, selected the best components and we have optimized (and will continue to optimize) our software to provide the best battery life in the smallest package. The AirBolt GPS is absolutely featured-packed and compatible with a large variety of LTE-M & NB-IoT cellular bands: meaning it will work in more places around the world and unlike traditional trackers, there is no need for local variants either.

When quality comes first, production is expensive. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” We truly believe that each of our customers will appreciate what we have made. We want to be known as the best.
Our careful attention to detail means that the AirBolt GPS lasts up to 12 months PER CHARGE and can fit on your key chain. It’s unlike anything else on the market

Can we use third party devices on the platform?

We will be allowing those integrations in the future.

What levels of customisation do you offer?

Please book a meeting with us and we will go through all the customisation options!

How do we test drive AirBolt within our company?

Please set up a call with us below and we will guide you through the entire process!

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