How It All Began

Our Story

We created the AirBolt because we believe the travel experience should be stress free and simple. After our own frustrating experiences from using out-dated combination and key locks, we looked everywhere for the right solution but found nothing that could do the job. So, we decided to solve the problem ourselves.

Hence, we founded AirBolt in 2014.

Ever since we have been pushing the boundaries with our technology.

We design our products with our customers in mind and have created an eco-system where our products interact with each other to enhance their capabilities. Our next generation, GPS is an example of such an innovation. It is not only packed with World First features but also can talk to our Travel Lock and report updates live.

Our vision has now become to be the market leader in remote access management and asset tracking.

We are here to create a world free of keys, swipe cards, cumbersome combinations & lost valuables. We work with both Retail and Enterprise markets and have solutions for both segments. We have trademarks, design patents and utility patents registered globally and strive to push the boundaries daily.

Our philosophy has been to continue to innovate and produce truly state of the art products which solve a problem.

If you are interested in learning more about the AirBolt, or have press inquiries or other questions message us on

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