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AirBolt Makes the Best Gift

AirBolt Makes the Best Gift

No, that's not hyperbole, AirBolt makes an amazing gift!  Our truly smart travel lock is a must-have accessory for anyone that either travels, commutes, goes to the gym/yoga/fitness classes, or attends school.  If you need to secure your luggage, locker or bag, you need an AirBolt.

The AirBolt has been recognised for it's innovative design.  You don't need keys, and you certainly don't have to remember combinations either.  All you need is your smart phone to download the AirBolt app.  Walk through the instructions, choose a backup code, and you're good to go.  Our simple app and good-looking design has been selected as Grommet, received many rave reviews... and was even selected for a Good Design Award.  Yes, our little smart lock has rubbed elbows with Bose, Microsoft, even Tesla, and we were considered as one of the best of them.

Need more convincing?  How about packed in this powerhouse of a travel accessory is a proximity alarm which can alert you that your bag is no longer by your side? We've also got crowd-sourced GPS which means you can tell the app your bag is missing, and see it's last location, plus an alert if it shows up again. The hard-wearing body is TSA enabled, so your bag can travel easy through security.  The long-life battery can last up to a year, and charges with a common micro-usb cable (we even include one for you!)  We even set it up so that if your phone battery dies, you can either use your backup code to access your AirBolt, or you can give access to another smart-phone.  You can even check who has been in your bag with a trip log through the smart phone app.

Which goes back to our original statement, the AirBolt is considered one of the best in consumer electronics, which means, you are then giving the best gift!  With 6 colours to chose from, there is a style to suit everyone.  Plus, it's packaged in a beautiful square box, which means anyone can wrap it up to look nice these holidays.  So what are you waiting for?

Order yours now to make sure you get it in time for Hanukkah and Christmas and the holiday season!

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