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Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

What an incredible year at AirBolt!

2017 was so exciting.  We were nominated for a Good Design Award, and were judged along with companies like Tesla, Bose and Everdure.  Then we won a Good Design Award!  We were featured on the Grommet, worked with some amazing bloggers and magazines, and even a major TV show... plus we were able to reach a much larger community which means many more AirBolts are being used to keep your bags and luggage safe.

We are looking forward to 2018! There is no reason to rest, we love to push and innovate!  What's next for the AirBolt in 2018? Well, you'll just have to stay connected to see what is next!

The AirBolt Year In Review:

Winner! 2017 Good Design Award
Featured on TEN and ONE on Australia By Design - Innovation hosted by renowned Australian architect Tim Horton
Featured as one of Colleen Kelly's "Top 5 Family Friendly Travel Accessories"
Featured on Travel HQ as "Solving Your Travel Woes"
Featured on Gadget Explained as "The Most Useful Gadget to Have Around!"
Featured on Benelux as "The Amazing Feeling You Get When Locking Your Luggage With the AirBolt"
Featured on We The People Store as "Not Just A Smart Lock, But The True Travel Lock"
Featured on The Fox Magazine as the "Future of Travel Accessories"
Featured on The Grommet as an "Innovative and Must-Have Travel Accessory"
Featured on Tech Design as an "Upgrade to Traditional Travel Locks"
Nominated 2017 Good Design Award

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