3 Common Luggage Disasters, and How AirBolt Cures Them

Here are three common luggage disasters that travellers face, along with the immediate and successful solutions that having AirBolt offers you. #1 You’ve forgotten your luggage lock combination. This may be the most common luggage disaster people report to us, although that may be a bit strong of a word for the problem. You probably […]

How Smart Luggage Is Changing Travel

The scenario is a familiar one for frequent travellers. You get to your destination, ready for a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, and it’s derailed before it even gets started when your long wait at the luggage carousel turns into a long, bleak process of trying to recover your lost luggage. The [...]

Is your luggage really that smart?

There are a lot of products claiming to be “smart luggage” but really what you end up paying for is ordinary luggage marked up hundreds of dollars and potentially including subscription fees, and all you get is a tracking chip. AirBolt, for a tiny fraction of that price, actually and definitively transforms your own luggage [...]

Where Lost Luggage in America Finds New Life

Where Lost Luggage in America Finds New Life

In the age of AirBolt, the idea of lost luggage is perhaps a quaint notion from yesteryear. But the past holds many interesting stories and fantastic adventures. If you have ever travelled in and around America, and you lost your luggage and have had no idea where your luggage ended up; take heart that all […]