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Keeping Safe in Your Dorm

Keeping Safe in Your Dorm

We talk a lot about safe travel and keeping an eye on your luggage.  We also advocate using our innovative AirBolt technology to keep your bag and wallet safe at the gym.  By now, most will be in a campus groove.  First exams are coming up, and homecoming weekend was a blast.  We either love our roommates, or find excuses to stay out more often.  Have you ever thought about using your AirBolt to keep safe at school and in your dorm room?

We all think about personal safety a lot when we head to university.  We know not to take short cuts through a dark quad without a buddy, we know to use our whistles, or call "FIRE" if we need help.  We get trained and reminded about these simple things, but as we are running out the door remembering to grab our whistle, we don't even think about locking the door behind us.  While we know to head home from the library safely, we think nothing about leaving our stuff on a public desk while searching for reference material.

AirBolts are an awesome way to keep your gear safe and sound.  Their Bluetooth technology makes them perfect to attaching to your laptop case, or locking up your bag.  Did you know that you can set the sensitivity on the proximity alarm?  How great would it be to be alerted by you phone that your bag or laptop is no longer close by?  If anyone tries to take your stuff while you aren't looking, or while you have your head down having a quick snooze between classes, you'll be alerted to that fact.  If someone does get away, you can mark the AirBolt as "lost" and use the crowd-sourced GPS to be alerted to its location.

The AirBolt's heavy stainless steel body and zinc rope automatically deters casual thieves and those looking to just have a quick rifle through your bag.  You can also use an AirBolt on a simple footlocker in your dorm room.  Put one at the end of your bed with a few pillows on top and you have a disguised way of keeping your roommate, or their guests from going through your things.  We all need a place to keep our valuables and belongings safe.  After a few midnight fire alarms, we all know that our dorm rooms are not inaccessible to outsiders, so it's much better to be safe than sorry!  With the AirBolt app on your smart-phone, the AirBolt can be locked and unlocked with ease, without having to worry about lost keys, or trying to remember a combination.

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