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The Best Travel Passengers

The Best Travel Passengers

We all have heard the expression, “It takes all kinds” at some point in our lives.  It definitely takes all kinds to pack an airplane – People who are polite, rude, or in a hurry. We want you to be one of the best travel passengers.

We think that AirBolt customers are the best.  If you have an AirBolt, or want an AirBolt, then traveling stress free is obviously important to you.  So we’ve put together a list of how to be one of the best travel passengers, feel free to share this list if you happen to get the worst seating partner ever.

  1. The best travel passengers prepare.  They know how much luggage they are allotted by travel class, and they don’t hold up check in lines with bags that are way over the weight limit.  Luggage scales are inexpensive and readily available, so there is no excuse to get angry at counter people, or open up your bags to layer on clothes while others are waiting.  Remember, if you do need more, paying in advance is always cheaper than paying at the counter.
  2. Being prepared also counts when you are approaching security.  If you want to wear watches and lots of jewellery, take them off before you get to scanner.  Putting them in a plastic bag in a zipped inside pocket is the safest place to keep them.  Take your shoes off if you are traveling internationally, or if they have buckles.  Remove your coat or jacket, along with keys, mobile and anything else in pocket.  Don’t rush behind the person in front of you.  Just calmly walk through.
  3. Don’t crowd the gate if you don’t have to!  Why sit and camp, when you are just going to board a plane to sit.  Have a drink, relax, take a walk.  Unless you have priority boarding, there is also no point in lining up in a giant queue just to sit down.  When you do get in line, shift everything you need to the front of your carry-on.  Then you can grab it easily, put your bag away quickly, and sit down.  It’s not polite to hold everyone up while you shuffle around trying to find your headphones.
  4. Speaking of carry-on bags, the best travel passengers don’t try to game the system and pack a bag that is too stuffed to fit the overhead compartment, or one that they can’t lift alone.  You shouldn’t have to shove your bag in.  If you have more than one, its courteous to leave one tucked under your seat.  If you are carrying valuables, you should really leave these in bag that goes under the seat in front of you.  Many people have had their things stolen in broad daylight, by people pretending to get in their own bags.
  5. A plane is not your home!  Don’t paint your nails, use nail-trimmers, go barefoot, or put your feet up on your fellow passengers armrests or table tops.  This should be common sense, but it does happen.  Always put your shoes back on to use the lavatory.  It’s also polite to have good hygiene when being squeezed in among other people.
  6. We will end on the Great Debate – Seat Up or Seat Back?  There is no rule, after all the seats do recline if you aren’t in an exit row.  The consistent thought is if it just a short flight, under a few hours, then no, you should not put your seat back.  For long haul flights, always put your seat back up during meal times.  If you must put your seat back on short flights, or at times when people are eating, you should be polite and inform the person behind you.

Of course, this isn’t a definitive list of do’s and don’ts but it is a start.  Being courteous means a great trip for everyone.

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