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More Than Just Travel

More Than Just Travel

The AirBolt smart lock is for more than just travel.

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer or need to hop on a plane to get the benefits of the AirBolt.  You don’t even need to use public transportation on your daily commute.  The beauty of the AirBolt smart lock is it can be used anywhere you have a need to lock your stuff up safely.

The size of the AirBolt is what makes it so perfect.  This handy “travel-sized” lock can go anywhere! Slip it into your pocket when you head to the pool. Use it to lock up your locker while you are swimming.  Sure, you can lock your phone up too! Remember, although the AirBolt is built using Bluetooth to be managed by your phone, that doesn’t mean that you need your phone to unlock it.  The AirBolt can be unlocked using your unlock code on the keypad! You set a unique code of a series of left and right keypad presses.  Not only is this back-up in case your phone goes flat, it’s also so you can take your AirBolt anywhere. You don’t need your phone! So it’s okay! Put everything in your locker, push the clasp in, and get on your way.

So, take it wherever you go! Fits easily in your pocket or purse.

Take your AirBolt wherever you need to go.  Feel the bliss in your yoga class since you can concentrate on your downward dog, not on your stuff going missing.  Feel the burn on a few extra reps without worry someone is taking your container of protein powder.  Enjoy a day at the water park with the kids without worrying about your purse, it’s locked up tight in the rental locker.

AirBolt is more than just travel locks, we are your every day smart lock!


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