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The AirBolt App

The AirBolt App

We love good design – and we work hard to make sure that everything we do not only looks good, but performs and functions well.

That’s why when we designed our AirBolt App we wanted it to be simple and easy to use, after all that is the cornerstone of good design.  All you have to do to use the AirBolt App is to download it, turn on your Bluetooth and wake your AirBolt up.  It’s that easy.

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Next, launch the AirBolt App and sign up. Once you sign up, you must verify your email before you can login. (Sometimes the email can take a few minutes to arrive. If you cannot see the verify button, your browser or email client may have blocked it. Check your security settings in case and if using an email client click to “view in browser”).

Now you can login and click the “+” button to add your first AirBolt. You’ll need to accept all permission requests. These can be modified in your phone’s settings menu if need be. ” For Android also ensure GPS is enabled”

Wake up your AirBolt by pressing and holding both left and right buttons down on your AirBolt for more than 3 seconds. It will flash yellow to let you it’s ready. Click next and follow the set-up procedure step by step.



Make sure to add a backup button Code for phone-less access. Adding a button code lets you set a unique combination of left and right button presses to access your AirBolt when you don’t have your phone. You can manage your button code by visiting “Lock Settings” and clicking “reset” under the “Reset Button Code” heading.  You are all done! WOOT!

When in default mode and the AirBolt app is connected, all you have to do is press the left button on the AirBolt and it’ll unlock for you. When unlocking the AirBolt please pull the latch rope out from the point shown. Hold and pull outwards from the metallic pin.


Now you are an AirBolt Expert!

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