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New Rules to Airline Travel - Don't Get Caught Out!

New Rules to Airline Travel - Don't Get Caught Out!

It might be time to rethink that smart luggage!  Thanks to the Samsung recall, lithium ion batteries have been given a closer look, and many airlines have opted to say, "No Way."  This leaves the all-in-one smart luggage at a distinct disadvantage.  Some airlines will now be requesting that if you can't take the battery back out and travel with it on your on-board luggage, then you can't use the luggage at all.

Airlines are trying to get the word out before the masses head to the airport for holiday travel, so if you have already purchased your smart luggage, it's best to give them a call in advance to make sure that your make and model is still ok.  As we know, not every airline desk agent interprets the rules the same, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Skip the worry altogether and just get an AirBolt - you can make any bag a smart bag with an AirBolt.  Get rid of the keys and forget about a combination - use your smart phone! Track it with our crowd-sourced GPS and set a proximity alarm if you need to!  We've got everything you need in a beautiful die-cast zinc package!

(Check out the original article here - 9News)


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