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El Solo Travel

El Solo Travel

It's becoming more common to travel by yourself.  Gap years are no longer being made with the entire friend group coming along.  Even couples are getting in on the solo travel, many swear that separate travel is what keeps things interesting.  It sure beats arguing over a snow holiday or a beach holiday.  So if you do decide to head off alone, what's the safest way to go about it?

First off, prepare your trip.  Check out your government travel planners and see what advice they have for the region you are planning on going to.  While you are there, register your itinerary, this way they know that one of their citizens is on foreign soil.  It may seem like overkill, but you never know what kind of emergency or natural disasters could happen and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are heading to a region that may be considered a little unsafe, think about hiring a tour guide, or taking a class.  This way you can learn from locals which are the best places to visit, and what or where to avoid while you are out exploring.  Not many of us use travel agents anymore, but they are great when it comes to referring a trusted local guide.

It might seem a little bit daggy, but think about investing in a travel safe belt.  These are worn under the clothes and close to the body.  These are a perfect place for your passport and a little bit of cash or cards.  Using a dummy wallet with a little bit of money and some cards you don't mind losing (like a gym membership card, or library card) will mean that if the worst happens, you aren't without your precious ID!  It's not that safe to leave your passport in your in-room safe or bag.  Keep it with you or in the hotel safe, make sure that you get confirmation of who put it in there and a receipt.  Always have copies of your ID!

Always let your loved ones know where you are going, and what your itinerary is.  Check in with them regularly to let them know that you are safe, and make sure you update them if you change your plans.  Make sure that you have good "situational awareness."  This means that you are aware of your surroundings and any pitfalls you should avoid. 

It's also a good idea to keep your backpack or daybag locked up to prevent anyone from trying to sneak anything out of it while in a line or in a crowd.  Use your AirBolt while you are out and about to deter thieves and pickpockets.  Your hotel rooms or hostels are never completely secure, so if you are leaving anything in your room, use your AirBolt to lock it up.  Most thieves won't take your whole suitcase as that is too obvious, so a colourful AirBolt is a great deterrent.

Traveling solo is an amazing way to explore the world we live in, and is always an adventures.  Stay safe and travel well!

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