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Fly Safer - Staying Healthy in the Air

Fly Safer - Staying Healthy in the Air

The season is almost upon us!  Soon people all over the world will be zipping back and forth to visit friends and family for all the holidays that start soon - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mawlid.  The easiest way to visit with friends and family is on a flight, and usually a flight means germs and a possible cold!  Here are a few tips to make your flight travel as healthy as possible.

- Be prepared.  Think about the time that you are leaving and the time that you are arriving.  If it is a long flight, it may be better to sleep if it's considered overnight to your destination.  If you are arriving somewhere at night, it may be better to read, listen to music and only nap if you need to, that way you are keeping your body on schedule.  Usually it is the lack of sleep, or subsequent jetlag that brings you body down and then you catch that dreaded post flight cold.

- Being prepared also means packing your cabin baggage well.  You'll need your essentials of course.  A water bottle, music, book or tablet, and snacks are a must.  (You never know if you'll want to refuse a meal).  Lotion is incredibly great for keeping skin hydrated, and that will make you feel better on arrival.  Airplanes are also incredibly germy, after all there are a lot of people being shuttled back and forth and ground crew only have a few minutes to clean up between flights.  This means that tray tables often go un-wiped! People put their faces, feet, bags and even baby bottoms on those tables that you are eating from! So pack some antibacterial gel and some wipes in your bag, and do yourself a favour and wipe that tray down.  It is also suggested that you avoid the magazines in your seat pocket for similar reasons.

- Self care on a long flight is really important.  If you have a long flight, make sure to stretch, and walk around the cabin.  If you suffer from hypertension, blood clots, or poor circulation, do yourself a favour and book an aisle seat.  You don't have to be that yoga guru showing off in the aisle, but getting up regularly to stretch and move is very good for.  If you have club access, choose flights that give you decent layover, such as Changi or Heathrow, and use the facilities to have a nice shower, brush your teeth and freshen up.  You'll feel a million bucks.

- Get comfortable! Yes, if you are aiming for an upgrade, it pays to look smart, but that doesn't mean your only choices are super formal or slouching in your pajamas. Choose pants with a comfortable waistband, long sleeves, and dress in layers if you can.  A pashmina is perfect for packing, it can be a scarf, pillow, blanket, almost anything you need.  Flat shoes, or slip-ons are great for getting through security, if you are being fashionable, then slip a pair of socks in your bag.  Remember to slip your shoes back on if you head to the restroom, that isn't always water on the floor!  Slipping a small eye mask in your bag may seem a bit much, but if you are trying to time yourself to your destination, it is totally worth it.

- The best form of self-care is not stressing!  Pack your charging cables in your bag if you are worried about your phone or tablet dying.  You can take spare batteries in your hand luggage, but keep them in the original packaging.  This means you don't have to worry about your headphones.  Carry copies of your flight itinerary, accommodation details, and passport copies just in case.  Also carry a pen!  If you need to fill out arrival cards, your pen will come in handy.  Before you go into airplane mode, give your AirBolt app a quick check.  You'll feel much better when you see that your bag is on the flight with you.

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