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Keeping Your Sporting Resolutions

Keeping Your Sporting Resolutions

We are part-ways through January; how are you keeping those 2022 resolutions? If you’ve already started to falter, that’s okay. We often begin our New Year with the greatest enthusiasm but forget to plan our goals. There is no need to be disappointed; we just have to refine our planning.

Create Measurable Goals: It’s a fact usually taught in Business School 101; if you can’t measure it, are you really doing it? This is why you should write down your goals and how to do them. Create a chart if you can. It really isn’t enough to say, “I’m going to lose weight in 2022.” You need something tangible like, “I’m going to lose 5kgs by June 1st 2022, and I am going to do so by exercising 3 times per week and cutting out my Thursday night takeaway”. Without a plan and measuring our goal, how do you know if your efforts are succeeding?

Write Your Goals Down: You don’t have to create a vision board, although they are fun and beautiful. However, you need to write your goals down in a place that you will look at. This keeps your goals at the front of your mind, and if you are thinking about them, you will act on them. If you journal, make it part of your daily process to write your goal and the reasons why you want to succeed. If you keep a calendar or diary, write them down on Monday and update yourself on your progress on Fridays.

Create Milestones: Break your goals into manageable pieces. Break it down; if you are working on a personal record, weight loss, or starting your first 5k. For example, if you want to start from the couch to running 5kms, celebrate those kilometres! It’s not easy to run the first kilometre, so treat yourself. Get those new running shoes! Treat yourself for the 3rd, 4th, and by the 5th, you’ve reached your goal. (Don’t choose a reward to undo all your hard work).  

Beware the Weekend: They say that everyone is working for the weekend, and it’s true. During the week, we are often so in routine and so in a regimen that sticking to our exercise and sporting goals seems easy. When the weekend arrives, it’s often easy to drop the habit and indulge. There is nothing wrong with that; you deserve it. However, you also deserve to reach your goals. So if you find yourself losing momentum after the weekend, check back in yourself and refresh your resolutions.

Create Routine: Many studies have been done on sporting motivation, and the truth is that inspiration only takes you so far. It only takes a few seconds of second-guessing to allow you to hit snooze on that early alarm, grab the elevator instead of taking the stairs, or let the winter gloom get to you. This is why you have to rely on a routine instead. Pick a time and day that works for you, and just make it part of your day.

Buy Fun Equipment: Not all sports and exercise goals require expensive equipment. Not all cool gear is costly. However, it does make working toward our plans a little more fun. Tracking calories is interesting with apps like My Fitness Pal or Noom. You can work out with celebrities in other apps. Neat equipment can also be motivating and make you feel good. When you look lovely in a new running vest or can’t wait to try that new yoga mat, you want to work out. The AirBolt Smart Lock is also pretty cool gear. You can use your phone to lock and unlock your sporting equipment with Bluetooth. All you need is your phone, and you can leave the keys at home.

Love Yourself: If you slip up or your goals fall by the wayside. All of us start out full-steam ahead. If you find yourself plateauing or just no longer feeling motivated, readjust your goals. You may find that it wasn’t the right goal for you. Forgive yourself, adjust your goal and move on.

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