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Keeping Your Pets Happy During The Holidays

Keeping Your Pets Happy During The Holidays

They call it the silly season for a reason; December is a crazy time of the year. Sure, it's the holidays, so we know it's bound to be busy. 

Our pets, however, don't always understand what the hustle and bustle are all about. It's essential to take a little time and plan our holidays with our pets in mind. We've got a little list you can check twice to make sure your pets are happy and healthy this December.

  • Plan ahead! 
    If you know that you may be away frequently, hire some help. This can be someone who walks the pooches or visits with the cats. You may even hire someone to watch the house at the same time. If getting a sitter or walker isn't possible, you may look into a boarding kennel or cattery.
  • Be aware that having a home full of people or a new schedule can be very stressful for your pet. Try and create a safe space for them. This may be a room that can be accessed for some self-led time out, a cover over the kennel, anywhere that your pet can relax.
  • Try to stick to a general schedule.
    Walks, play, and cuddles at around the same time generally can go a long way to making your pet feel happy and comfortable.
  • Go ahead and spoil them, but try not to use food. We, humans, love to indulge during the holidays, but it's not suitable for your pets. 
  • Foods that are too rich or too different from their regular diet can cause digestive distress. It will also cause you a lot of grief when you've got to take time to clean it all up. It's best to spoil them with attention and maybe a few new toys instead! Make sure you are very clear with your guests about not giving any of your pets table treats!
  • Speaking of digestive issues, remember that many holidays plants and foods can be poisonous to your animals! Mistletoe, poinsettias, and many houseplants can be deadly. Chocolate, artificial sweeteners and flavourings can also be awful to the health of your pet. Keep them out of reach of any of your animals that may want to take a nibble. That also goes for your tree! Make sure it is secure and cords don't become appealing to play with.

  • Expect the unexpected. When you are busy or have a house full of people, accidents can happen. Stressed pets can slink outside. Someone may even leave a door open a little too long. A GPS tracker like the AirBolt can give you so much peace of mind when that happens. It's tiny, rugged, and super lightweight, so it's perfect for securing to your pet's collar. You can track a missing pet easily, or better yet, set up a geofence around your house and be alerted the instant your pet leaves your home or yard.

We hope you have a beautiful holiday season and make wonderful memories with all your family, including your furry friends!

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