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Travelling the Holidays With The Right Gear

Travelling the Holidays With The Right Gear

It's been a long two years, but in most places worldwide, holiday travel is back on board.  Just in case you are a little rusty after a few years of just hanging around home, we've got a few reminders to take the stress and anxiety out of a bit of holiday time away.

  1.  Schedule plenty of time and plan in advance.

    Holidays are usually all about the rush. However, the days of rushing to the airport just before they announce your boarding call are gone.  You will have to deal with lines, temperature checks, passport checks, all before you even get to the long security lines. You will most likely encounter the same on the other end of your flight just to leave your destination airport.  So it's best to just add it to your itinerary. 

  2. Stay up to date with travel restrictions.

    Even though we'd like to put it behind us, the world is still in the grips of a pandemic.  So it's imperative that you know two things: The Covid rate of where you live and the rate in your destination.  You don't want to be turned away from your destination because your hometown might have a few breakthrough cases.  You also don't want to be caught unaware that an impromptu border has been set up at your destination.  Make sure to pack a mask just in case you need them and expect that you'll probably be tested along the way.

  3. Be patient.

    Don't forget that if you are travelling with kids, they will also have forgotten what it is like to take a trip somewhere (or perhaps it's their first trip).  A bit of patience will go a long way.  Make sure that they have their own packs with their favourite toys, puzzles and games.  You don't have to rely solely on their favourite electronics, but remember to get everything charged the night before, along with some spare power bars.

  4. Enjoy the journey.

    Let's face it, travel is hard – for adults and kids.  Plan on plenty of breaks.  Stop for plenty of meals and drinks.  If you are driving, there really isn't much more memorable than the random stops in out of the way places.  Getting input from the kids is always a great way to get them interested. Don't forget to pack appropriate weather gear for the location to ensure that everyone is comfortable when stopping.

  5. Pack Smart and get the right travel gear.

    Wherever you travel and where tourists are, you must be aware of your surroundings.  Ensure that you aren't keeping anything in your back pockets, and handbags are kept close. Money belts are a great option.

    Most importantly, use your AirBolt Smart Lock to lock your suitcases and to keep backpacks closed and secure. Set up the proximity alerts to let you know if your bag starts moving away from you.  Always keep valuables out of sight and don't flash large amounts of cash. The AirBolt Smart Lock is always there to make the trip this much better and focus on things that matter rather than stressing out.

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