Make any bag or suitcase smart with our award winning smart lock, now used by over 60,000 travellers.

The AirBolt Smart Lock is a Bluetooth device that connects to your phone and is controlled via an app. It features Separation Alerts to make sure you will never lose your belongings.

Long-life battery gives


Separation alerts ensure you have

Secured luggage

With Smart Lock you get

Enjoyable travels

Protect your gear bag with AirBolt Smart Lock. Perfect for creators and athletes with vauable equipment.

AirBolt is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Lock that allows you to secure and track your equipment at any time. No need to carry keys or combinations,

Talks with GPS to guarantee *coming soon

Equipment is safe

With Smart Travel Lock you will

Never worry

Always gets you ready for

International gigs

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The Portable Smart Lock




  • The Most Advanced Smart Travel Lock on the Market!
  • Phone Unlock
  • Backup Button Codes
  • TSA-accepted
  • Share w/friends and Family
  • Rechargeable with up to 12 months battery life per charge
  • Separation Alerts
  • View Access History
  • Crowdsourced Location Tracking

Travel Sentry® Approved Lock Using this Travel Sentry Approved lock allows your luggage to be opened, inspected and relocked by security authorities without damage. For more information, visit:
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AirBolt Travel Sized Lock - Cape Cod Grey - AirBolt
Monza Red - AirBolt

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AirBolt Travel Sized Lock - Cape Cod Grey - AirBolt
Monza Red - AirBolt

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See how tens of thousands of users use our pocket sized lock on the road, around the home, in the gym, and wherever security is needed.

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Key features

Long life battery

Up to 12 months battery life per charge and easily rechargeable via micro USB.

Phone unlock

Control access from your phone & easily lock and unlock all your AirBolts using the one app.

Safe and Secure

Built from heavy-duty metal alloy & stainless steel, the AirBolt lock isn’t just seriously smart, it’s seriously secure too.

Advanced Security

AirBolt is equipped with AES 128-bit encryption in every lock, making it very secure.

Quick access code

Unlock your AirBolt with a button code, using your own combination without your phone.

Share location & history

Share location history and access with your friends and family via one app.

Crowdsourced Location Tracking

Use the power of people in the crowd to help you find your lost items.

Weather Resistant

It is made from the resistant material so you can be prepared for anything.

Separation alerts

If you leave your bag behind or someone ties to walk off with it the AirBolt will alert you.

What’s in the Box

AirBolt Lock

USB-C Charger cable

Instruction manual

1 year standard AirBolt warranty

The AirBolt vs Others






Get notified the moment your luggage joins the baggage carousel.


Trying doing that with a regular old padlock :)

Remote access


Share and grant access to your bag via the AirBolt app from anywhere in the world.


Giving keys and combinations is always a challenge, AirBolt let’s you manage this remotely and securely via our app.



Make any bag smart by swapping the AirBolt lock onto any bag or suitcase or even use around the home to keep your whiskey cabinet safe.


There’s no other remote lock quite like it.

Phone access


No keys, no forgotten combinations no worries, The AirBolt lock is managed by your phone, so even if you forget your combination you can always get in.


If you forget your keys or combination with a regular old lock you might be looking around for a decent pair of bolt cutters.

We take the confidentiality and security of your personal financial data very seriously.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product.

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AirBolt Travel Sized Lock - Cape Cod Grey - AirBolt
Monza Red - AirBolt

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Yes we do ship globally. Standard shipping typically takes between 5-8 business days once shipped. Express is usually between 2-5 business days
You sure can! You can manage as many AirBolts as you like with the app
We understand that this is a very realistic scenario and the last thing you want is to be stranded at your destination with a dead battery and no way to unlock the AirBolt and access your luggage. To overcome this, we offer two solutions. If you have access to another compatible iOS or Android device, you can simply download the AirBolt companion app and sign in with your details to unlock your AirBolt. Or, With the AirBolt app, you can set a unique back up code: a button combination pattern that is stored locally on the AirBolt. You can unlock your AirBolt by pressing this combination on the AirBolt’s button pad without the use of a smartphone anytime. For detailed instructions on how to set your button code visit this page If in the case that you have somehow forgotten to charge your AirBolt and it is flat. It is a matter of simply plugging in your AirBolt. It will start almost immediately and you can go on with your business.
We are officially TSA accepted and we meet relevant legislative requirements for the AirBolt to be flight ready by their standards - this means you can take it on your Check In AND Carry-on Luggage. The AirBolt also features a timed-Aeroplane mode that turns off the Bluetooth transmitter for a specified period of time if you need it. Finally, we are also FCC and CE Certified
Simply turn the port off from the app. We are the ONLY Lock in the world that allows you simply turn off the TSA port on the back, making it like it was never there in the first place!
Yes it does. Try to press the buttons just a few too many times and it will lock you out. To unblock, open the app, connect and unlock the AirBolt. You are good to go again.
No! All features are included and no further costs are involved.
The Portable Smart Lock