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How to be a Gym Bae with the latest tech

How to be a Gym Bae with the latest tech

It's hard enough to feel confident at the gym when you are doing your routines, let alone when you are a little unsure of what exactly you should be doing in between those supersets.

You don't need to be a gym newbie to drop the ball a little, though. Even veterans can forget that they are in a shared space.

With the those rules in mind and with the right gym gear you'll feel confident and ready to rock. We've got you covered!

  • Read the rules. Okay, that really doesn't need to be said; however, they are there for a reason. Just take a look around. They are most likely posted on the walls and in the locker room. If you are unsure, just ask a staff member. Not all gyms are the same, so it's best to be precise.

  • Be hygienic. We are in a post-pandemic world, so you should have plenty of practice about washing your hands, wearing a mask when applicable and keeping to your own bubble. These hygiene rules are essential at a gym where we are meant to sweat. Being hygienic goes beyond washing your hands, though. You need to make sure that you have a towel and use it - wipe down all your equipment when you are done. Use the disinfectant too! (Personally, it make us sound a bit high maintenance, but since you can't always trust the person before you, if you haven't witnessed the machine being sprayed down, there is no reason you wouldn't want to disinfect before you start using it too!)

  • Speaking of hygiene, we are sure it's common sense, but you should be washing your gym gear! It's possible to grow nose-blind (where you can't smell yourself anymore) but believe it, the people around you can tell that you've left your sweaty workout gear to marinate in your gym bag. Don't be that person!

  • If you feel super comfortable at your gym, that's great! We urge you to remember it's not your home. The unspoken gym rule that gets broken most often is not cleaning up after yourself. If you use free weights or equipment, you need to clean and put them away when you are done using them. Putting them away as soon as you are done only takes a few seconds out of your workout. It's not entirely the staff's responsibility to clean up after you, and this is especially true when a gym isn't staffed full time. Be the cool person and restock your weights!

  • Watch your bubble! For some, the gym is a place to socialise; for others, it's a chance to just relax and detach. The social clues are there. If someone doesn't respond to you, they aren't rude; they are just focused on their workout. Don't be the person who makes people take their headphones off to chat. Unless you've gone in with a buddy or someone engages back with you, it's best to leave others alone.

  • Watch your gear. You don't want to take everything you own and spread it out in a walkway or common area. If you are stretching out or warming up, use the mats, or stay out of the way. This also includes locking your equipment up! Use your AirBolt Smart Lock on your gym bag or locker. You won't accidentally lose your keys or need to remember a combination. All you need is your phone, and your Bluetooth enabled. When you have peace of mind, you can concentrate on your workout and being a true gym bae.


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