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Perfect Gear for Any Professional

Perfect Gear for Any Professional

Perfect for Professionals

There are just some jobs that require a little more than a bag or briefcase on the morning commute. Some of us need to lug a lot of expensive gear around to do our jobs, and it can be a pain! We must concentrate on the work at hand and keep our expensive items secure so we can work again another day. Did you know that the AirBolt has all of that covered?

What makes the AirBolt family so amazing is that we can control all of our products on one easy to use phone app. Simply link all of your AirBolt Smart Locks, AirBolt Cards and AirBolt GPS to one app. You can secure your entire office or job site in the same place.

From photographers to tradespeople, we have got it covered.

The AirBolt Smart Lock is super strong and can lock up camera bags, accessory kits and even the toolbox. This is a great way to keep track of everything; if it can only be opened from your smartphone, then even the most well-meaning employees can’t accidentally misplace anything.

The slender AirBolt Card Tracker can also be kept in a wallet, notebook, or even a jacket pocket. How many times have you visited a client and left your coat or bag behind? Not with a 110dB melody singing a reminder as you walk away.

If you keep expensive items stored offsite or on a vehicle, the AirBolt GPS is a game-changer. It’s super tiny and very lightweight with up to a year’s battery life. You can pop one in your toolbox or even in a discrete place. You’ll be able to track your items worldwide, so if thieves are an issue, the AirBolt GPS provides incredible peace of mind.  

Did you also know that security-related expenses for your business and equipment may be tax-deductible in many countries and provinces?

Some insurance companies may also decrease your deductible for securing your items.

Check out the AirBolt today; it’s perfect for professionals!

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