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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Valentines Gifting

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Valentines Gifting

How Practical Gifts Aren't Cheesy: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Valentines Gifting

Anyone can do flowers and chocolates, but the most romantic gifts are the ones with plenty of thought behind them. Giving a practical gift isn't cheesy; you're showing your loved ones exactly how much you care. This Valentine's Day, gift the love of a truly smart present – a treat from the AirBolt


Start with the AirBolt Truly Smart Lock.

This Bluetooth beauty is an absolute stunner and will ensure your Valentine keeps their treasured objects safe. The AirBolt Smart Lock goes anywhere, and you don't need a single key. They can use their phone or backup button code to access their Smart Lock. They can lock up at the gym or school and keep valuables safe. If your loved one likes to travel, they will love the AirBolt. The AirBolt Smart lock is Travel Sentry® Approved, meaning their luggage can be opened, inspected and relocked without damage by travel authorities. The AirBolt App allows the AirBolt Smart Lock to be shared among families, lock and unlock, view access history and even set up a separation alert, all on a single charge that lasts up to 12 months. Peace of mind is a true gift of love!  

AirBolt Lock

Maybe your Valentine has a lot of expensive equipment or hobbies.

We've established that peace of mind is a true gift of love. You can get the ultimate peace of mind with the AirBolt GPS. Our GPS is one of the world's lightest and smallest GPS that can last up to a year on a single charge. Your loved one can track and follow their items anywhere in the world using the global cellular network. Set up proximity alerts and geo-fencing easily with the AirBolt app. Maybe you've got a furry loved one that would also love an AirBolt GPS on their collar, so they never go lost or missing. Like the others in our AirBolt family, the AirBolt App can share access and tracking. It's never been easier to give a sweet gift. 

AirBolt GPS

Not convinced your Valentine will love a practical gift?

Look no further than the AirBolt Wallet. It's a fashion-forward smart wallet that will wow your Valentine. Made of gorgeous vegan leather, the AirBolt Wallet comes in two sizes, perfect for a purse or pocket. Contained inside is the AirBolt Card, a credit-card-sized rechargeable tracker that means no more lost wallets, lasting up to a whole year on a single charge. 

AirBolt Wallet

This year, the AirBolt means love!

Give the perfect gift this Valentine's Day to make your Valentine swoon with your thoughtfulness. 

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