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Can you track your boat with the AirBolt GPS?

Can you track your boat with the AirBolt GPS?

Can you track your boat with the AirBolt GPS?


There are many opportunities for your vehicles to be susceptible to theft and mischief. You've paid a lot of money for your boat, trailer or jet ski, and you want to make that you've protected your investments. The AirBolt GPS is perfect for real-time tracking and monitoring of your vessels. 

The AirBolt GPS is small and super lightweight. It's only 48x 42x16mm and weighs in at just 24g. This means you can hide our tracker in small and unobtrusive areas. The AirBolt GPS uses LTE-M & NB-IoT, which means it can track anything globally. As stolen vehicles often cross state lines, you've got unparalleled tracking capabilities compared to standard Bluetooth tracking. The AirBolt app provides coordinates in real-time, so you can see exactly where your boat or jet ski is. 

AirBolt GPS

The AirBolt GPS makes securing your vessels easy.

The ultra-long battery life allows a full year of tracking on a single charge. You can also use the GPS and the app to create a geofence. The separation alerts mean you will be notified should your boat or trailer leave the yard. This is great when leaving your boat trailer unattended after you launch. There will be no surprises when you've returned, and if you have been in open waters, you'll know where the trailer is when you are back in range. 

The AirBolt GPS is not only super-small and ultra-lightweight but also housed in a rugged and durable ABS plastic body that handles heat and cold. It's also waterproof for up to 1m. We've even built an alert to let you know if it's submerged. It has everything you need: 

1. A built-in accelerometer gives you alerts so you'll be notified immediately if things move when they shouldn't. 

2. Loud alerts so you know you've found what you are tracking. 

3. Temperature sensors (helpful when looking after sensitive equipment) 

You can track more than one AirBolt GPS through the AirBolt app to monitor vessels, vehicles, trailers and equipment from one interface. You can also give your family access to track when needed. 

AirBolt GPS


The AirBolt GPS is highly versatile for all of your excursions. Track your entire boat trip easily, put one in the boat, in the trailer, and even pop one in your expensive rod bag and tackle box. Thieves only need a moment's inattention to get what they want, but you'll stay ahead with powerful alerts, loud alarms, and the ability to track your gear worldwide. Stay safe this summer with the AirBolt GPS. 

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