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GPS Tracking is a Modern Essential

GPS Tracking is a Modern Essential

GPS Tracking is a Modern Essential

It's 2023, and everyone should have a GPS tracker! Sure, maybe on the surface, that seems like a bold statement, but if you are a person who values security and safety, then a GPS tracker is a modern essential. If you are unfamiliar with what a GPS tracker is, then in a nutshell, it's just a small device that uses Global Positioning Satellites to track locations.

A GPS tracker follows three data sets: positioning, navigation and timing. GPS comprises 27 earth-orbiting satellites that move around the planet, sending signals that follow the exact location, velocity, and time. Used initially by the US military in the 1960s, GPS tracking grew in popularity and is now affordable for everyday use by just about anyone. 

So why do you need one GPS tracker?

If you are concerned about the safety and security of people and things, then a GPS tracker is perfect. You're already familiar with the technology when you use the navigator in your phone or car; now, you just get to do that with pets, people, and all your equipment or favourite things. The AirBolt GPS tracker is an "active" tracker. The AirBolt GPS can tell you where the tracker is, how it got there and can give you notifications of the entire journey. Best of all, even as an "active" tracker, the AirBolt GPS can do all this on a single charge for up to a year. 

This makes the AirBolt GPS ideal for everyday life.


Who can use the AirBolt GPS? Anyone!

Such as: 

Caregivers: If you care for someone such as the elderly or at risk, our discrete tracker can alert you if someone has wandered from home and easily find someone should they go missing.  

AirBolt GPS

Pets: The AirBolt GPS is tiny (only 48x 42x16mm) and lightweight (only 24g), which means it is small enough, even for a cat or a puppy. It can be dangerous if a pet gets loose or, worse, stolen! The AirBolt GPS can alert you if they've gone outside your property by using a Geofence, and you can find them quickly. 

AirBolt GPS


Hobbyists and Enthusiasts: Everything is expensive these days, and our hobbies and interests are no exception. If you have a hobby with costly equipment such as cameras, drones, ATVs, or anything that you don't want to go missing, an AirBolt GPS is a must. Our tracker can quickly and discreetly be hidden so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your hobby. 

AirBolt GPS

Vehicles: Whether you have a car, boat, motorcycle or even a bicycle, if it moves, you should track it. The AirBolt GPS will locate your vehicle, allow you to monitor other drivers, help recover it if it was stolen and notify you should anything happen. (Our AirBolt GPS has an accelerometer, so if your vehicle is moved, bumped or even towed you can get an alert about it). 

AirBolt GPS


This critical information collected by your AirBolt GPS is sent to your AirBolt App. Here you can see all the relevant data, send and receive alerts, see tracking history, and even share with your family. This year, keep everything and everyone safe and secure with the AirBolt GPS. 

 See the AirBolt range here.

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