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Why is the AirBolt a perfect gift for Him?

Why is the AirBolt a perfect gift for Him?

Do all the men in your life seem impossible to shop for? ;)

You've got the "I have everything I need" guy who shops for himself. There is also, of course, the "don't get me anything" guy, but deep down, they will be sad if you don't get them anything. There is the "super tech" guy, the "my tastes always change guy", and the "I'll forget to give you a list of what I want" guy. Well, for all these types of guys, the AirBolt has a gift for every one of them. We've matched these types with our best-sellers, and here are the best gifts for men this holiday season.


The "Gotta Have The Best." 

This guy knows quality when he sees it, and we don't want to disappoint him. For him, check out the AirBolt GPS. The AirBolt GPS is one of the market's smallest, lightest, and longest-lasting GPS trackers. Using the global LTE-M & NB-IoT networks, our AirBolt GPS trackers can track almost anything, anywhere.

It's only 48x 42x16mm and weighs only 24 grams. It can track your man's drones, pets, keys, expensive tools, equipment, and vehicles. He can put up a geo-fence and be alerted should anything go wandering. It's waterproof, durable, and, best of all, he can do all of this on a single charge lasting up to 12 months.

AirBolt GPS

The "Easy to Please". 

This man is the jeans and tee type, very down to earth and always up for an adventure. He needs to grab his wallet and go. So why not get him an AirBolt Wallet?

Our latest addition to the AirBolt family, the AirBolt Wallet, is made of premium vegan leather for a luxurious look. A built-in and removable Bluetooth tracker is inside, giving your man up to 9 months of tracking on a single charge. This beautiful wallet is easy to use; he needs a smartphone and the free AirBolt App. He'll open your terrific gift, press a button on the tracker, and he's connected and ready never to lose his wallet again.

The AirBolt wallet is available in two sizes. The AirBolt Wallet Slim has a full-size cash holder and can hold up to 12 of his cards. For the straightforward money clip user, we have the AirBolt Card Wallet with a cash clip and pockets for the most innovative card carriers.

AirBolt Wallet


"The Literally Has Everything"

We've got one of the best gifts for a hard-to-shop-for man, and it is the AirBolt Smart Lock. Whether for a daily commute, a work trip, a family holiday or even back to school or the gym, the AirBolt Smart Lock is a winning gift. This small heavy-duty Bluetooth lock can secure almost anything. Using tough stainless threaded arms, only a smartphone with the AirBolt App or your unique backup code can open this lock. (It does have TSA access that you can turn on for travel, though).

This isn't just an easy-to-use lock; it has crowd-sourced location services and separation alerts, so you always know where your secured items are. Even better, it does this all on a single charge lasting up to 12 months!

AirBolt Lock

"He Said No Gifts". 

Usually, this is a gift for Dad, but you know you want to get him something to let him know he is special. This is when the AirBolt Card is perfect. This Bluetooth tracking card can go anywhere, and best of all, it is rechargeable. With no pesky button batteries, you can track your items for up to 9 months on a single charge. The AirBolt Card is only the size and thickness of a credit card but is packed full of market-leading features such as weather resistance, a super-loud melody, separation alerts and crowd-sourced tracking just in case something gets lost.

The AirBolt Card is so good you may want to get a few for Secret Santas, Stocking Stuffers or Corporate Gifts. (Don't forget to treat yourself!) Best of all, the hard-to-shop-for Dad will be very pleased.

AirBolt Card

So Happy Holidays! The AirBolt has all of the best gifts for men on one website.

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