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Getting the most out of your AirBolt family!

Getting the most out of your AirBolt family!

Are you getting the most out of your AirBolts?

Make sure you aren’t missing out on our comprehensive list of the best AirBolt App features. 

AirBolt App

When we created the first AirBolt Smart Travel Lock, our goal was to find a way to make travel less stressful and more effortless. We’ve kept that goal in mind for every new product we bring into the AirBolt family. All of our AirBolts share these key concepts, but what they also share is the AirBolt App.

With the AirBolt App, we wanted to create a way for you can take your daily use of your AirBolts to a whole new level. We’ve designed an AirBolt dashboard so you can manage all of your devices in one place. You are missing out if you only use the AirBolt to open and close your Smart Locks! Here are some not-so-hidden features we don’t want you to miss. 

  • Personalise your AirBolts. You can do more than change your touch pin code. You can set up your alert tones, choose the sensitivity of your proximity alert and change the ring tone that alerts your phone. While all of our AirBolts are ready to go out of the box after you connect them to the AirBolt app, you can make yours truly your own. 
  • Did you know that you can share access? This is very handy when travelling as a family and you want your companions to be able to open the family suitcase. All our AirBolt family can be shared! This is very handy if you track your pets, equipment, car keys, wallet, or whatever you are looking for. You can also choose what kind of access restrictions your family has, from Co-Owners to Limited Users. 

  • Enjoy the connectivity! Not only can you share access with your family, but our AirBolt family can talk to each other, too. Your AirBolt GPS can speak with your AirBolt Smart Lock too. 

  • History is important. Our app allows you to see the history of all your devices, so it’s easy to check up on critical equipment and vehicles, where a wandering kitty might like to hang out all day or who has been accessing your smart lock. Don’t forget that you can also turn off TSA access, so there is no unauthorised access to your AirBolt Smart lock without you knowing about it. 

  • The AirBolt App is on-demand all the time. Your AirBolt app collects location data even when you aren’t using the app. This makes it so easy to open the app and use the alert to find what you are looking for, and it means your history is always up to date. This proprietary data is never sold and will never be used for advertising purposes. 

  • We are constantly innovating. We don’t rest at the AirBolt and strive to ensure you can take advantage of all the great AirBolt features. Keep your app updated, we’ve got Apple Watch integration coming soon and will also be launching browser access, so if you are away from your phone, you can still access your AirBolts. 

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