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Why Every Business Needs The AirBolt GPS?

Why Every Business Needs The AirBolt GPS?

Why Every Business Needs The AirBolt GPS?

The AirBolt GPS  isn’t just for people and their pets, people who travel or want to track their household items. The AirBolt GPS has many features that are perfect for professional use.

Here are a few examples of how the AirBolt GPS worked for others. 

AirBolt GPS


Bikes and Scooters: A bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in the United States! If you rely on your bike or scooter for work, the last thing you want is to come back after delivery and see it’s gone. The AirBolt GPS uses LTE-M & NB-IoT to track almost anywhere. Our GPS tracker is so small and discrete that you can hide it, which means a greater chance of getting your bike back. 


Industrial Tracking: It can be very easy to lose sight of expensive equipment on a work site. We’ve even heard stories about bobcats and earthmovers being driven right off worksites as there is a worldwide shortage of heavy equipment. An AirBolt GPS can track your tools anywhere; just open your app to find it. You can also set up geofencing and get notified should something walk off-site. 


Logistics Tracking: Did you know that many logistics companies test their routes with dummy packaging or items sent to trusted clients? Suppose you are a wholesaler or business that has complaints with specific delivery channels. In that case, the AirBolt GPS has regular tracking that you can set the intervals for, an accelerometer and a temperature tracker. This is helpful if your livelihood depends on timed deliveries or you work with perishable goods. The app will let you know how long the delivery took, the route, how long it has spent at each depot and the temperature fluctuations while travelling. 



AirBolt GPS


People Tracking - It’s good to know where your people are. You can use the AirBolt GPS to track your fleet and your drivers. The AirBolt GPS can be used to physically track your vehicles and tools; it’s also a great way to monitor daily mileage and see how efficiently your fleet is running. 


Expensive Travel: If you or your team spend life on the move, an AirBolt GPS is imperative. You’ll be able to monitor people and equipment worldwide, making your business safer, more effective and more money savvy. By using the AirBolt app, you’ll be able to track if your team has made it to their destinations or be able to easily find equipment. Once you’ve set up where you need to be, you can also use the accelerometer and know if something is on the move instantly. The AirBolt GPS also talks to the AirBolt Smart Lock through the app, so you can secure your work gear too. 


These are only a few reasons why the AirBolt GPS can help you run your team more efficiently and safely if you manage a business or workforce. 

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