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New Year's Resolutions to Make 2023 the Best Year Yet!

New Year's Resolutions to Make 2023 the Best Year Yet!

2023 can be our greatest yet and here are 10 New Year’s resolutions to help. 

Let's face it, the past few years have been interesting, to say the least. We are still living in a maelstrom of uncertainty, and life isn't returning to what we knew pre-2020. So now is the time to look forward and make some resolutions to live an extraordinary life in 2023. Here are our favourite 10: 


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  1. Make a simple monthly goal. These goals need to be structured and tangible. It's not enough to say I will declutter the house. You've got to say, "I will declutter the closet in the guest room and take all my outgrown clothes to charity."

  2. Get back to pen and paper. Does it seem like your to-do lists fall away like grains in an hourglass? When we commit to something digitally, like our notes app, it doesn't get stuck in our mind. We also have to physically open the app to remember to use it. Writing down our list makes it stick to the forefront of our memory. You can also post your list in your eye-line to avoid missing it. You've also got to admit that there is great satisfaction in crossing something off your list. 

  3. Do it today! In our quest to simplify, many of us like to organise the things we have to do. Often that time is "tomorrow." Why not "today?" Instead of thinking, "I need to email Emily about our meeting, I'll do that tomorrow." Why not, "I'll email Emily now." It makes a huge difference; the most manageable tasks are done and accounted for.

  4. Use a timer, not for cooking, but for organising your day. It's not just a trick for toddlers. If you get lost in a sea of multi-tasking and end your day with many half-done tasks, a timer works so well. Think about how long your job may take, set a timer and start. Only work on that task until the timer goes off. If you find that you are a procrastinator that likes to hyperfocus on the things that don't need to be done, the timer technique is especially game-changing.

  5. Quit losing things! How much of your day is spent finding your handbag or kid's backpack? Get yourself a tracker. The AirBolt can make life so much easier, from a credit card-sized Bluetooth tracker that can slip anywhere to the world's smallest GPS for global tracking of almost anything. How great would it be to know that your kid has left their lunch bag behind before they even get in the car? Just check the AirBolt app to see where it is. (The article's writer even uses the proximity alarm, so she doesn't leave her purse behind when she leaves home).

  6. Use the cloud. It's 2023; why is your desktop so cluttered? For some, just opening their computer can lead to anxiety seeing so much on their desktop. Even having tons of files to scroll through can lead to some anxious feelings. Using a cloud-filing app means you get to clean up your computer, and you have your files available anywhere you go. It's also great if you have multiple versions of things. You know you are constantly working on your latest file wherever you are.

  7. Get a crockpot. Bring back some of Grandma's favourite hearty meals. Your life will instantly change when you know there is a hot meal waiting for you when you walk in your door after work. There are even crockpots where the bowl is separate; you can prep your meal the night before, place the bowl in the crockpot before you leave for work and turn it on. It's perfect for working at home; you'll get that lovely home-cooked aroma all day, and your meal is there when you leave your home office.

  8. Keep it secure. It seems like you have to worry about everything now, from data thieves to actual thieves. Ease the worry. 2023 is the year for using a password vault, upgrading your passwords, and using 2-factor authentication everywhere you can. It's also a great time to secure your physical items. Why worry about someone unzipping your bag on a crowded train or rifling through your gym bag? An AirBolt Smart Lock can ease your worry and secure your items. Just use your phone or personal code to unlock it. It also has a proximity alarm, so you will be alerted if anyone is trying to walk away with your bag.

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  9. Stop Inbox creep. If you are one to have inbox anxiety, all you need is a few inbox folders. Just create a new folder called "To Follow Up." Take everything in your inbox that needs to be followed up and put it there. Delete everything unnecessary. Archive anything that you don't need to action but has information contained. Done. Check emails twice and day and repeat. Get into the habit of checking your Follow-Up folder each morning. Action or list on your to-do list. Breathe easier.

  10. Live deliberately. Slow down, take a few deep breaths and be honest with yourself. Do you need to rush? Deliberate and release what doesn't have to be actioned this second. Set your timer for 10 minutes and eliminate any little jobs you can take care of now. Move just a little bit slower and savour a few moments you take for yourself. 


We hope these little tips and resolutions will help you start to simplify. Let's make 2023 our year to savour the small moments and find a little joy in our lives. Happy New Year, 2023 from AirBolt

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