SMART KIDS - Tracking your kids and their belongings

SMART KIDS - Tracking your kids and their belongings

We want to do everything we can to keep our families safe and secure; in 2023, GPS trackers can help us do that. We can use the AirBolt GPS as a great way to know if our kids and their things are close by.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using the AirBolt GPS in your family's daily life.


  1. Improved safety and security. One of the most apparent benefits of the AirBolt GPS is real-time location monitoring. We use LTE-M & NB-IoT cellular networks for worldwide live tracking. This can be especially useful in an emergency, as you'll be able to quickly locate your child and ensure their safety. Imagine the relief you'd get from asking your young child to pop their special AirBolt in their pocket when you are in a busy place full of people. Little ones can wander in a second, especially while you wrangle bags or luggage. Playing in the park would no longer be a cause of worry when you can check the AirBolt app should your child have a wander. 

  2. Peace of mind. When your children are out of sight, it can be difficult to shake the feeling of unease. With the AirBolt GPS, you can feel more secure knowing that you can monitor their location and keep an eye on them, even when they're not with you. This can provide great peace of mind and help you feel more relaxed and confident in your child's safety.  

  3.  Better Organization. The AirBolt GPS can also track valuable possessions like bikes or laptops. This can be especially helpful if your child is prone to losing or misplacing items. With the AirBolt App, you'll be able to quickly locate lost items and make sure they're always within reach. As the AirBolt GPS is waterproof and highly durable, you can track whatever your kids are prone to leaving behind, from gym bags to the smelly lunchbox that gets left behind on Fridays. You'll even prevent the Monday morning panic, knowing exactly where the schoolbags were left.

  4. Confidence. Letting go and watching our kids become more independent can be a struggle. The AirBolt GPS can allow your kids to explore and travel independently. This builds incredible life skills for them to bravely navigate the world. The best part about using the AirBolt GPS in this way is that it is just a GPS. You can open the conversation with your kids about tracking. There is no sneaky software to hide on their phone, and you can share tracking access through the AirBolt App. The AirBolt GPS is tiny; it is only 48x 42x16mm and weighs 24 grams. As it's so discrete, your kids can just pop it on their keychain and won't be embarrassed by a having a GPS. It's a fantastic compromise to wanting to keep our kids safe and balancing out their need for a bit of freedom as they grow. 

  5. It Just Makes Sense. The AirBolt GPS is super small, super discreet, and super economical. You can track anything worldwide using our next-generation cellular GPS for a small monthly fee. We even bundle them in 5 packs so everyone in the family can use one. All of your AirBolt GPS (and AirBolt accessories) can be accessed on the AirBolt App, which you can share with everyone in your family, so everyone is safe and secure. Order the AirBolt GPS for your family today. 



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