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Patent Granted!

Patent Granted!

We are so excited to announce that our patent has been granted for our AirBolt smart-lock technology.  We are so proud!  

Patents start with an idea and end with a novel and innovative solution.  The AirBolt started with frustration at a forgotten lock combination and the idea that luggage locks could be so much better.  So we went to work and created The AirBolt Truly Smart Lock - a lock so different and that worked so well, we fulfilled all the criteria for a patent!

While we started with focusing on the need to make accessing a secured bag easier without combinations and key - we knew that we had to add functionality that was just beyond the requirements of a frequent flyer.  We ended up with a Smart Lock that is ideal for the traveller, student, commuter, gym-goer, basically, whatever you need to secure, The AirBolt can help.

We can't be more proud of what our AirBolt team has created!
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