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Family Travel Tips

Family Travel Tips

July is one of those unique months when kids all around the world have some time off.  That means it's peak travel time and as everyone probably knows, travelling with kids isn't always the easiest.  At the AirBolt, our motivation is making travel as stress-free as possible, so we've asked our AirBolt users for their best kid's travel tips.

Kai (Brisbane) said, "The AirBolt, of course! Why run around trying to find where your kids have left their bag or favourite toy when you can just track it? Our kids feel pretty special having their own AirBolt, and we've even amused them by letting them play with sneaking off trying not to set off the proximity alarm.  They love looking for their stuff on my phone, anything to amuse them while waiting for a flight or on a rainy vacation day cooped up in the hotel."

Alan (Sydney) told us all about airline toddler meals.  Did you even know that was something that you can ask from the Airlines?  The meals must be booked in advance, but they provide familiar foods for the little ones and something different from the snacks you've already packed.  Novelty is an excellent way to keep kids happy.

Graham (Margaret River) suggested travelling at night if you can.  Although keeping the kids from napping whilst running through airports can make any parent fret, a night flight is a great way to encourage kids to sleep through the night.  If you are travelling to a new time zone, this is also a great way to prevent jet lag at your holiday destination.

We'd also like to suggest making a list of everything you need and checking it off as you pack, and again as you repack to go home.  If there is something that you can't take, give your hotel or destination a call.  Not only can you then book cots, prams or activities, you can also ask for ground floor or child-friendly rooms to book.

We had some great tips from our users, but our favourite advice was "Relax."  Of course, this is very important! Holidays are a time to have fun as a family and play, relax and bond.  We hope that you have the happiest of school holidays this season.

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