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Everyone Loves To Get A Little More

Everyone Loves To Get A Little More

What an incredible first quarter of 2019. We couldn't be happier.  Our AirBolts are back in stock and shipping - we can't believe how our users made them one of the most popular Christmas presents of 2018! We were so excited, incredibly humbled... and incredibly busy, wow did you keep us up late picking, packing and sending.

Since the Christmas period, we've been hard at work on our App - working on updating the user interface and keeping it clean and easy to navigate.  We've also increased your level of security, if you are not traveling to a TSA country, or just using your AirBolt smart lock for local commuting or security, you can now turn the TSA Access OFF!  So if you haven't updated your App yet, make sure to do it now.  (Check out our blog post to learn how to do it. Update Your AirBolt.)

We know how popular our AirBolts are and now that they are back in stock - It's Time For A Bundle Deal! Now you can be Oprah in your own home - "You get an AirBolt, you get an AirBolt! Everyone gets an AirBolt!"

Our amazing 5 - AirBolt Bundle is Buy 3 - Get 2 Free! That is a savings of over $100!  Our 3 - AirBolt Bundle is Buy 2 - Get 1 Free.  You can choose any colour combinations, simply add 3 or 5 AirBolts to your cart and the deal is automatically updated.  Maybe you just need one more?  That's cool, we've got a great sale for $59.  Now is the time to stock up and save.  Don't forget, they'd make wonderful Easter or Mother's Day presents!  SHOP NOW

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