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Have you updated your App?

Have you updated your App?

What are you waiting for? In our latest App and firmware release, we've made a few changes.

With our ongoing commitment to good design, we've freshened up the whole look.  Easier to navigate menus complement a minimalist design.  Its easier to see and control all of your AirBolts with our new interface.

We're also so excited to finally release the option of turning off TSA-access.  You know that little hole on the back of your AirBolt?  That allows the TSA to use a special key to open your locks instead of cutting it off*.  This is great when you are traveling to TSA-areas.  However, not all of us fly regularly, and some of us use our AirBolts for the gym, school or work. So you now have the option of turning off access from inside your App!

You'll have to update your firmware, so please, use this link, and follow the instructions very carefully! How to Update Your Firmware

*Please note, even though we give access to the TSA to access your luggage without cutting off the lock, sometimes an individual agent may just get happy with the bolt cutters.  This happens on all manner of security devices, from locks to suitcases.  We've had a few users suggest hanging the AirBolt "backwards" on your luggage, so the agent can see straight away they can access it.

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