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The AirBolt will talk to your device via an app and unlock with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smart phone is within range of The AirBolt.

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The AirBolt will talk to your device via an app and unlock with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smart phone is within range of The AirBolt.
Can I use the AirBolt while using other devices?

Yes. The AirBolt and most modern smartphones use the Bluetooth 4.0 or above protocol, which allows for connectivity with multiple devices. Your AirBolt will not come in the way of your sexy new Bluetooth headphones or any other Bluetooth enabled devices.

However, do note, you can only connect your AirBolt to one phone at a time. For example, if one phone is connected to the AirBolt and you launch the app on your other phone, it will not detect it as it is in use. You must close the app on the first phone to use the AirBolt on another.

What happens if my phone battery dies or I lose my phone? Can I unlock my Airbolt without opening the app?

We understand that this is a very realistic scenario and the last thing you want is to be stranded at your destination with a dead battery and no way to unlock the AirBolt and access your luggage. To overcome this, we offer two solutions.

If you have access to another compatible iOS or Android device, you can simply download the AirBolt companion app and sign in with your details to unlock your AirBolt. Or, with the AirBolt app, you can set a unique back up code: a button combination pattern that is stored locally on the AirBolt. You can unlock your AirBolt by pressing this combination on the AirBolt’s button pad without the use of a smartphone anytime.

What devices are Supported by AirBolt?

Most of the latest iOS or major Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 or above will be compatible with the AirBolt. click here for a basic compatibility list.

Is this TSA accepted and airline approved?

We are officially TSA accepted and we meet relevant legislative requirements for the AirBolt to be flight ready by their standards. The AirBolt also features a timed-Aeroplane mode that turns off the Bluetooth transmitter for a specified period of time. Finally, we are also FCC and CE Certified.

Can I reduce the range in which the AirBolt unlocks?

Currently this feature is not available. However, you can change your security settings to manage whether or not your AirBolt requires authentication by you to unlock.

What's the approximate distance when you say "Low sensitivity" and "High Sensitivity" in the proximity alerts section?

The proximity works by signal strength rather than distance. Bluetooth is prone to interference, so distance is never the correct measurement.

High Sensitivity (triggers when range bar is about 3) and Low sensitivity (triggers when range bar is about 2). We recommend you use Low Sensitivity Mode. The range cam be affected by many environmental factors plus your phone's Bluetooth antenna. So we suggest you start with Low Sensitivity mode and then if needed turn on High Sensitivity Mode.

When the Alert Triggers, Press the right button on the AirBolt to stop it ringing and click Snooze on your App.

NOTE: If you move away and closer quickly, the alert can sometimes trigger when the AirBolt is near you as it takes the average value over a certain amount of time.

Does the Airbolt lock itself if someone tries several attempts to unlock it via buttons?

Yes it does. Try to press the buttons just a few too many times and it will lock you out. To unblock, open the app, connect and unlock the AirBolt. You are good to go again.

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