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Premium Warranty - Tier 1 - Yearly

Premium Warranty - Tier 1 - Yearly $39.99

The Most Intelligent & Secure Smartlock Ever Made

Winner of the 2017 Good Design Award!

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Phone Unlock

Weather Resistant

Crowdsourced Location Tracking

Rechargeable Battery Via Micro USB

Proximity Alerts

View Access History

Bluetooth Enabled

Share & Manage Access

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock FAQ

Currently this feature is not available. However, you can change your security settings to manage whether or not your AirBolt requires authentication by you to unlock.

We understand that this is a very realistic scenario and the last thing you want is to be stranded at your destination with a dead battery and no way to unlock the AirBolt and access your luggage. To overcome this, we offer two solutions.

  1. If you have access to another compatible iOS or Android device, you can simply download the AirBolt companion app and sign in with your details to unlock your AirBolt. Or,
  2. With the AirBolt app, you can set a unique back up code: a button combination pattern that is stored locally on the AirBolt. You can unlock your AirBolt by pressing this combination on the AirBolt’s button pad without the use of a smartphone anytime. For detailed instructions on how to set your button code visit this page

If in the case that you have somehow forgotten to charge your AirBolt and it is flat. It is a matter of simply plugging in your AirBolt. It will start almost immediately and you can go on with your business. 

We are officially TSA accepted and we meet relevant legislative requirements for the AirBolt to be flight ready by their standards. The AirBolt also features a timed-Aeroplane mode that turns off the Bluetooth transmitter for a specified period of time.

Finally, we are also FCC and CE Certified

The AirBolt flashes a whole range of different colours depending on the actions it is taking. Here is a quick overview to explain what is going on.

One Blue Flash with Beep

Acknowledgement that a button has been pressed.

Continuous Blue Flashing

Indicates AirBolt is connected to the Phone, the button has been pressed on the AirBolt and it is awaiting instructions from the Phone for further actions.

2 Green Flashes

Acknowledgement that AirBolt has been unlocked

Continuous Red Flash every few seconds

Low Battery Indication, please charge

3 Red Flashes

Acknowledgement AirBolt has been locked

Continuous White Flashing when Plugged In

AirBolt is charging

Continuous White Flashing with Beep

Alarm active.

Multiple quick Yellow Flashes

No response received from Phone/No action required

Entering Aeroplane mode is essentially the closest to having the AirBolt off. It is there if ever needed so you can disable the AirBolt from broadcasting for a set period of time. To wake it up immediately, hold down the two buttons on the AirBolt for more than 3 seconds to wake it up (should flash yellow 3 times) and reconnect with the phone.

Yes it does. Try to press the buttons just a few too many times and it will lock you out. To unblock, open the app, connect and unlock the AirBolt. You are good to go again.

This feature is called Easy Unlock. When connected to the App, you can simply walk up to your AirBolt and press the left button on it. It will then unlock for you. It is designed for simple and quick access.

However, there may be sometimes you don't want this to happen. If so, please follow instructions here to turn on high security mode.

NOTE: If you are entering your backup code on your AirBolt, then note, if you are connected to the phone, it will unlock with a left button press due to the "Easy Unlock" feature. Back up codes are for Phone-less access, so it's design for when you are not connected or don't have your phone on you.

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