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AirBolt Shield Card: The forget me not!

The credit card like tracker, is your perfect companion to help locate anything you attach or slip it into.

Precision engineered to be best in class!

With a Market Leading range of up to 240m (a whopping 780ft!)

Total Peace of Mind

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Simply connect your AirBolt Card with the free app and then attach it to anything you want to keep a track of


Buzz your Card from the app to find it, look up its last seen location on the map or even double press the button on your card to find your phone

Locate & Celebrate!

Use the proximity bar, tone and the map to locate the item. Find it, take a breath of relief and celebrate!


Remember the stress of when you have lost your purse or wallet?! No more Panicky Moments. The Shield Card, is designed to help keep track of your items. 

Rechargeable! Up to 9 months PER charge.

Market Leading Range up to 240m /780ft clear field range

Weather Resistant

Loud Melody up to 110dB

Separation Alerts – never leave your items behind

Find your Phone

Crowd Location Tracking

Package includes charger cable and adhesive.

Designed to fit like a Credit Card. Dimensions L80.52* W54.2* H2.1mm

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