AirBolt keeps the
environment safe, too

AirBolt cares deeply about the environment. We implement environment friendly elements in all our products.

The AirBolt Smart Lock is made out of zinc and not plastic,

to reduce AirBolt’s plastic usage as much as possible.

We use vegan leather for the AirBolt wallet and acknowledge that it's a process which we continuously try and improve upon.

All our products use long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

We also use card boxes for packaging, so you waste less with every order.

Plastic-free packaging

AirBolt GPS

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AirBolt Card

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AirBolt Wallet

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AirBolt Lock

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We take our products through rigorous design processes with the aim to achieve long-lasting and positive impact for the end-users and the environment.

Our innovations have been awarded multiple prizes in recognition of those principles.