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Winner Winner

Winner Winner

We won a Good Design Award for 2017!

We couldn’t be happier.  Most winners will say things like, “we can’t believe this happened!”  The truth is though, we hoped that the AirBolt would be recognised for its great design.

When we started this company, we went in with the idea that we were going to design a great product that looked good, was great quality, but most of all, it makes our customer’s lives better.

That is what the Good Design award is all about.  This world-renowned award has been given out to amazing products since 1958.  The team at Good Design Australia has stringent assessments that are considered to be international benchmarks.  They looked at the AirBolt and judged it on its quality, form and function, and above all, how well it innovates.  The Good Design team said about the Airbolt:

“A very clever concept that offers an innovative approach to an age-old problem. The design is fit for purpose, it functions extremely well and offers users a whole new approach to luggage safety and security”.

How cool is that?!  This award has inspired us to keep creating and keep innovating.  We’d like to say a thank you to all those who have supported us – from the AirBolt team, Mark, Michelle, Lee, the team at Bayly, our manufacturers and partners worldwide.

We also want to thank you! Therefore, from now until the end of July, for every AirBolt you order you can score a discount of 20.17%. (Get it? 2017 like the award!)


Just enter the code 2017 as a coupon when you are checking out to celebrate along with us!


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