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Why you need to track your pets with the AirBolt GPS

Why you need to track your pets with the AirBolt GPS

Why you need to track your pets with the AirBolt GPS

Every year more than 10 million pets go missing. It is a heartbreaking statistic. One of the best ways to ensure your fur family is safe and happy is to equip them with a pet tracker. You hope you will never use a GPS tracker, but it is integral in keeping your pet secure. A GPS tracker is a daily tool like a secure fence and a suitable collar. 

A GPS tracker is a bit of equipment that attaches to your pet's collar. Embedded inside is a small GPS transponder that communicates a location to you. Regarding your furry friends, a tracker should notify you should they escape and let you know about their daily adventures. 


AirBolt GPS

Many trackers on the market say they will communicate with you in real-time. This is essential if you are looking for a missing pet. Like the AirBolt GPS, a proper GPS tracker is miles beyond a simple Bluetooth tracker. The AirBolt GPS uses a next-gen cellular connection (LTE-M & NB-IoT) that allows you to pinpoint your pet's location. Bluetooth trackers (such as the Tile or AirTag) only notify you when your phone is within range. While some have extensive crowdsourcing capabilities, they aren't great for pets. Animals wander anywhere and everywhere, and lost animals tend to shy away from unknown humans, so you simply can't count on crowdsourced locations. 


The AirBolt GPS is perfect for pets.

It is small and lightweight, only weighing in at a mere 24 grams and 48mm x 42mm. It's also durable and waterproof with a strong ABS plastic body. The AirBolt GPS can handle rainy day puddles or a surprise jump in the pool if you've got water-loving dogs. It's also been packed full of pet-friendly features such as:


  • A long-life battery - with minimal tracking, the AirBolt GPS can go 12 months in-between charges. Still, even with an active animal and regular surveillance, the AirBolt GPS is head and shoulders above its competitors, who may need charging every few days. 

    AirBolt GPS
  • Geo-fencing is a necessity if you have pets that spend time outdoors. The AirBolt GPS will notify you should your cat or dog escape the yard or look for adventures. 
  • Don't risk the weather; the AirBolt GPS has a temperature sensor that you can set up to alert you should it get too cold or too hot outside for your pet. Keeping your pet safe from the weather is an often overlooked feature important to keeping your animals happy and healthy. 
  • The AirBolt GPS also has features such as loud buzzers when you are getting near your missing pet, an accelerometer, and an LED light, so you know it's working when you see it. 

Remember, just because your pet is microchipped does not always mean they will find their way back home! You must ensure that your pet's chip has your current address and contact details. Sometimes microchips don't scan. They are also only used after your pet has been picked up by animal control, and the sad fact is, for many animals who are picked up, they are not often returned if their owner can't be easily contacted. Just about every dog and cat could benefit from the AirBolt GPS tracker. No matter how well-trained our pets are or how secure our yards may be, accidents happen. For your peace of mind and the best welfare of your furry family, you should use the AirBolt GPS. 



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