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Where Lost Luggage in America Finds New Life

Where Lost Luggage in America Finds New Life

In the age of AirBolt, the idea of lost luggage is perhaps a quaint notion from yesteryear. But the past holds many interesting stories and fantastic adventures. If you have ever travelled in and around America, and you lost your luggage and have had no idea where your luggage ended up; take heart that all is not lost. Your luggage will most likely embark on a wonderful adventure to a fabulous international jet set destination… Scottsboro, Alabama!

Somewhere, USA – Lost Luggage Capital of the Free World

You can find tiny Scottsboro on a map, if you know exactly where to look and squint with moderate intensity. No, not there… up a bit… now left… see it? Yes, you found it! The admittedly scenic town of almost 15,000 is home to the appropriately named Unclaimed Baggage Center, final destination for thousands of bags that yearly are lost by airlines and unable to be reunited with their owners.

The business is run a bit like purchasing lottery tickets: UBC buys luggage from airlines sight unseen and then hopes for a jackpot. More often than not they come up with winners: the store’s 40,000 sq ft of aisles are packed with iPads and iPhones, laptops, cameras, headphones, chargers, and other electronics. They also do a brisk business in luggage and clothing, as you might imagine. Shoppers come from far and wide to enjoy fire sale prices: discounts from brand new range from 20-80%, which is enough to attract even international visitors.

See for yourself, Unclaimed Baggage Center has some impressive merchandise!

An End to Lost Luggage

Looking ahead, the future of UBC appears somewhat bleak. When your business model depends on lost luggage, what happens when luggage doesn’t get lost? AirBolt users already know the answer. AirBolt allows users to track in real time and find lost luggage online from their smartphones, easily and quickly. Their iPad won’t end up on a store shelf in Alabama. Their clothing won’t be purchased by bargain shoppers from Toronto.

Those fantastic luggage adventures are going the way of horse and carriage with AirBolt, and that’s okay…!

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