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Where Do You Want to Go from Here?

Where Do You Want to Go from Here?

Airbolt is now shipping!

We are so incredibly proud of this moment.  From the early days in 2014 in front of our reams of designs and ideas scribbled in the moment, we’ve been waiting for this.

We’ve been waiting to completely innovate the way that you feel about travel.  We knew Airbolt could do it, and you did too.  Our Kickstarter support has been amazing and humbling.

Our team went back to the drawing board a few times.  We wanted to make travel simple and stress free, and we also wanted to make sure that this little lock could be the right solution for you, right out of the box.  We think we got there, and we know you’re going to love it.

If you are just finding out about us, Airbolt is, in a nutshell, this amazing little travel lock.  Airbolt uses Bluetooth and enables a crowd-sourced GPS.  This app controlled lock gives you peace-of-mind.  This means you can get into holiday mode faster.  Some like to call it the “vacation-maker.”  Seriously.

There is nothing like sitting back in your 31” (if you’re lucky) of seat pitch, and before you have to go into airline mode, seeing if your bag connects to your Airbolt app.  Yes!  It did!  Now you don’t have to worry that the 5 pairs of swimmers (and way too much hair product) you packed, won’t show up when you land.  Once that bag shows up on the luggage carousel, its cocktail time!

Sure, it’s not all about holidays and relaxing.  We admit, the peace of mind you get when you were forced to check your work  is a great thing too.  No one wants to worry about their projector or pitch items getting lost before an important meeting. It’s also a great thing to be sitting on a crowded city train with your messenger bag locked up tight. It’s a great thing to be lined up outside the Notre Dame de Paris knowing that no-one can slip your wallet outside of your handbag.  These are all awesome things, but we also just like thinking about cocktails.

So now that we are shipping, and shipping in a beautiful array of high fashion colours, we ask you… Where Do You Want to Go from Here?

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