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What Makes AirBolt So Awesome?

What Makes AirBolt So Awesome?

There has been a ton of buzz about this Smart little travel lock.

There are so many cool functions to the AirBolt. The AirBolt is awesome because we’ve worked very hard to design such a premiumd smart lock.  This innovative travel accessory uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone via our AirBolt app.  This means only you can control it.

The app allows you to see the AirBolt’s access history and communicate with it.  This means if the AirBolt is in your vicinity, it will connect with your phone.  This gives you peace of mind, as you know your luggage is with you on the plane.  When you are separated from your luggage the AirBolt can use crowd-sourced GPS to try and find it.  Your app will let you know your bag’s last known location.  If another AirBolt app user is near your bag, your AirBolt will will anonymously update its location, and alert you to where it is.

The AirBolt has a sleek and hard wearing solid metal body.  The body, and its stainless steel ropes are weatherproof so they can handle whatever the airport or its baggage handlers throw at it. The AirBolt, as it is programmed to be accessible, you know that you won’t be surprised by a broken lock. Your history log will even show if TSA has accessed your bag!

Check out our handy and fun infographic to give you all the facts about the awesome AirBolt!

What Makes AirBolt So Awesome

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