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Time to Update

Time to Update

We've been pretty busy at the AirBolt working to make the AirBolt experience even better, more secure and bug free.  These changes will require you to update your AirBolt app.  We know! Updates, ugh.  It seems like every time you open your laptop or swipe  your phone, there is an annoying little reminder to update something.

We do encourage you to update, as to provide you with uninterrupted use of your AirBolt.  It's pretty easy, just go to your app store, find your updates, click on the AirBolt app and update.  There is just one more step - the app update will require you to login again. (If it doesn't please logout, and login again).  Remember, to update your app and login, you will require an internet connection, so don't wait until you're at the bottom of the subway or on airplane mode!)

Don't forget - if you ever have an support related questions, feel free to email us at for the fastest support response.  You can also visit us at and see if there are any FAQs to get your answers any faster. Happy updating!

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