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The Most Overhyped Places of 2018

The Most Overhyped Places of 2018

Who doesn't love a little controversy every once in awhile?  We saw this article and just had to share the list of the 22 most "over-hyped" tourist destinations of 2018.  Wow, 22 destinations and the year has only just started.

So what's on the AirBolt's list of over-hyped places? We took a poll around the office and responses varied.  Some people didn't like a place because of the food (we're looking at you dirty laneways of Paris), some didn't like the lines (Yes, that's you Magic Kingdom) and some just didn't like the destination (*cough cough* Hong Kong, although we suspect the story goes a little deeper than just "didn't like it...)

So here is our mini-list:

Cancun, Mexico - This used to be the blissed out hot-spot of youthful college co-eds and moneyed lawyers on their second or third marriages.  Nowadays, if you aren't booking carefully you'll find sad resorts falling into a state of disrepair, or a sadder lot of college co-eds trying to find cheap tequila while wearing giant somberos.  If you are looking for a little bit of posh flash, or classic culture, you may want to look a little further afield.  We are sorry Mexico, you have some amazing places, and friendly people, but Cancun just had to be on the list!

Gold Coast, Queensland - Yes, the flashy Glitter Strip, the Hollywood of Australia, it's on the list.  If you are looking for a bunch of underage Schoolies on what they think is a trip of a lifetime, or some down-on-their-luck backpackers ignoring the flags, the Gold Coast is the place to go.  Once known for beautiful beaches and the guaranteed best surfing in Australia, now you'll find chain restaurants and glassed out ocean.  We will admit, it's not all bad, the duty-free is plentiful, and the meter-maids (and dudes) give you a nice hit of nostalgia.  If you are looking for "authentic Australian Beaches" though, head a little further south to Byron Bay or the very hidden gem of Evans Head.

We hate calling places out, but lastly we absolutely must name Las Vegas! Once the domain of cool cats and kingpins, Vegas is just an overhyped, over-lit maze of chain restaurants, overpriced resorts and pawn shops.  Its hot, crowded and noisy.  Okay, that last one makes us sound like a bunch of oldies (nothing wrong with that) but most of us agree that Vegas is the place you go to just to say, "Yeah, I've been to Vegas!"

Here is the full list of The 22 Worst Places That Everyone Still Travels To

Do you have a destination that you think makes the list?


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