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The AirBolt is for... Everything!

The AirBolt is for... Everything!

The AirBolt is for way more than just travel.  Anytime you need to secure something,  the AirBolt is there for you.

Gotta secure your gear? We got you. The AirBolt is perfect for someone like a busy photographer who needs a lot of gear and can't watch their bags every second they are shooting.  Maybe you just need a record of how much something has been accessed.  Secure it with an AirBolt and share the manual code - you'll get a record on your app every time the AirBolt is accessed.

Got siblings? We got you. Use your AirBolt to keep your sister from borrowing your favourite lipstick or reading your diary.  Or maybe you're a mum or dad who is just tired of finding empty boxes of bikkies without a single one left for you.  Lock it up with your AirBolt and those biscuits will be there until you're ready for secret snack.

Sure the AirBolt is great for travel and commuting, but it's so much more than that.  Take control with Bluetooth controls and access logs.  Get yours and get secure!

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