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Pack Luggage Like A Pro

Pack Luggage Like A Pro

Along with the shrinking seat pitch, it seems that airlines are also shrinking our space to pack our essentials.

Don’t despair, AirBolt will teach you how to pack luggage like a pro!  You don’t need expensive suitcases or miracle accessories, you have everything you need at home.

First off, you’ll at least need a scale.  Those hanging luggage scales that you can get at travel shops are handy.  You should pick one up if you see one in your budget. They are especially great when you are coming back home with your souvenirs, we always return heavier than we leave.  Always make sure to give a kilogram or a bit extra as your scales may be different than the airlines, so it is good to be safe.

In order to pack luggage well, you’ll need to be prepared.  Make your bed, and lay out everything that you want to pack.  This will allow you to see if you have everything you need.  Now the fun begins!

Put aside your “day of travel” outfit.  We recommend that you wear your office shoes for men, or trainers for the ladies.  This is because they will take up the most amount of space, and you’ll be comfortable on the flight.  With the remaining shoes, wrap a hotel shower cap around the bottoms to keep your clothes clean.  Inside of your shoes, pack any bottles that you need.  Before you do, open the bottle cap and put a piece of cling film on the top.  Then screw the lid back on.  Pack the bottle in a zip bag.  This will prevent leaks! You can even do the same with toothpaste.

Put your shoes in the bag.  Now pack your toiletry bag, and anything else that takes up a bit of space.  To really pack luggage like a pro – fold all your remaining clothes and roll them into tubes.  This saves an incredible amount of space.  Work in rows and fit everything around your shoes and kit bags.  Roll your socks and stuff them in the corners.  Do your mum proud, and fold and roll your underwear and place this in areas that have room. If you are worried that customs will touch your unmentionables, place them in a large zip bag.

Now on the top level, this is where you place anything that you are worried about getting wrinkled.  This is also a good place to put your sport jackets.  Fold them nicely in those plastic bags you get from the dry cleaners.  This will prevent wrinkles if you don’t have a dress bag.

Now you’ve packed luggage like a pro!  Weigh it just in case, and by packing this way, you should have plenty of room to buy souvenirs while you are away.  Once you’ve closed your bag, don’t forget your AirBolt!  Your bag will stay locked with no keys or combinations. You can always use the Bluetooth connection to see if your bag made it when you board the plane. (Before you switch to flight mode of course!).  A well packed bag and peace of mind – Enjoy your trip!

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