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Mile-High Security

Mile-High Security

Airport security is something that we all think about.  As frequent travellers, most of us are quite aware of wearing the right shoes, emptying the keys from our pockets and making sure that our luggage is secure.  We are vigilant against those who might get inside our checked baggage.  We use our AirBolt proximity alarms for our carry-on baggage.  We sit like sentries, making sure that people are staying clear of our personal items.

When we get inside of the plane, all thoughts of security are usually left outside the cargo door.  We are finally in our seats, bags stowed away.  Now we can sleep, find something to watch, and hopefully just relax until our destination.  However, keeping your bags secure is also something that you should be aware of whilst in the air!

There is no reason to be paranoid but it's in our best interests to be prepared.  Theft can take place in all classes of travel, don't think because you're in the pointy end, someone with light fingers won't take advantage of an unsecured bag in the overhead bin or empty your seat pocket while you are using the loo.

This is where your AirBolt really comes in handy!  We know it's great for your checked bags, and for keeping an eye on your belongings in the airport or during your commute.  It also keeps thieves out of your bags in the air.  If your bag is locked by your AirBolt, the pockets can't quickly be checked for loose items.  Feel secure when you leave your seat by locking your headphones or expensive items back in the bag at your feet.  

Hear more stories about "flying thieves" and other tips to staying secure in the air here:
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