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May is Our Month!

May is Our Month!

What an exciting month that this has been for us.  Mostly as we are celebrating our big 4th Birthday!  Start-ups are incredibly hard-work.  You've not only got to come up with a great idea, but you've got to get others to believe your idea is great too.  Then once you get enough interest to start protyping and manufacturing, the public has to believe in your idea.  So we've had an incredibly first 4 years.  We could say that we have been lucky, but it's not all luck, our team has also put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make the AirBolt what is.

That is why all this month, we want to give back to those who have believed in us all the way back from our Kickstarter beginning.  By now, you've probably got an AirBolt and have told your friends how great they are.  Keeping your work gear safe, for adventuring in this great big world, locking your wallet in your gym locker, or just the basics - keeping your luggage safe and secure.  But, one AirBolt is never enough once you've started!  So all this month, treat yourself or others to a whopping 25% off your entire order, plus free world-wide shipping. (Spread the news!)

We've also like you to have a chance to win an AirBolt for yourself and your family.  So enter to win 2 AirBolts in our AirBolt contest!  All you have to do is tell us where or what you would like to do with them in 25 words or less.  The most interesting entry will be selected June 1st 2018.

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