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Let's Travel Better

Let's Travel Better

An AirBolt user is already a different level of traveler.  You know that safe, easy and stress-free travel is the way to go.  Most AirBolt users are travel experts, can pack the perfect bag in their sleep, and are always on the outlook of a great adventure.

The next level of adventure is beyond your standard level of eco-tourism or photo safaris.  Its about the genuine effort to minimise our impact on our environment.  For some, that could be off-setting our carbon emissions by buying credits with the purchase of our plane tickets, for others its about making no foot-print at all. 

Have you been wondering how you can make a smaller impact whilst traveling? The biggest thing that you can do, is taking a closer look at how much single use plastic you accumulate over the course of your trip and taking some effort to minimise it.  This isn't nearly as hard as it sounds:

- Pack a few reusable bags in your pack.  There are many that fold flat, or even some that can fold into a tiny pouch and clip to a bag or belt loop.  These are so easy to pack, and are actually very handy to have.

-Pack a refillable water bottle.  Yes, there are still a lot of places where buying bottled water is the safer option, but take a moment to think it over.  Are you buying the bottled water because you are genuinely worried about it, or is it you just don't like the taste of the local water?  Most of the USA, Canada, the majority of the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, etc. have some of the highest standards of drinking water in the world and is considered safe.  If it's taste, consider getting a bottle with a filter built into it to take out the taste or odour of the minerals.

-You've probably seen the latest media about single use plastic straws and their impact on our oceans.  If accessibility isn't an issue, consider using metal straws, or better yet, no straws at all.

Looking for more tips?  Check out this blog post from National Geographic from an adventurer who tried them all and more.

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